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Princes St C 2 Southport A 8 

Mini Match Report

It has been a reasonable start to the season for the C team but with a tough run of games coming up Argyle A , Crosby A and starting with this one Southport A.

The Southport team this season has to quote “Forrest Gump” been like a box of chocolates “you don't know who you are going to get” , but you do know that all their first team squad are mighty fine players.

So on the 413 th anniversary of the discovery of the plot to kill the King and blow up the Houses of Parliament the Princes – Josh , Topspin Mick , Josiah and Uncle Ray welcomed the Southport allstars – “Marky Mark" Barnes , “Jaunty Jonny" Cummins , that ever so nice Kyle Lavender and Phil “Rocket” Robinson.

Was this going to be fireworks or another of Tom's movies a “Bonfire of the Vanities “?

The match started predictably enough with the allstars taking an early lead courtesy of the Rocket and Marky Mark polishing off Uncle Ray and Topspin Mick respectively , both in 3 straight but that is a little unfair to Mick who lost the first 2 10-12 and 13-15.

Match 3 saw the Princes first success of the evening when home “Captain Phillips” ( sorry , Taylor – Tom Hanks on the brain ) completed an excellent win over the Southport skipper Jonny.

Kyle restored the allstars advantage with a straightforward victory against Topspin Mick.

It was looking bleak for the Princes when Jonny raced into a 2 game lead versus Josiah. He was looking “Cast Away” however the Princes new signing showed a fantastic attitude and acrobatics rarely seen outside the Cirque du Soleil to make some incredible shots and claw back the Southport skip's advantage. After levelling with 2 deuce games Josiah completed a remarkable comeback to take the 5th 11-9.

3-2 to Southport at half time. Incredible , the crowd were going wild , this sort of table tennis will really pull crowds in.

Sadly from there it was all downhill for the Princes.

The allstars went on an incredible run winning the remaining 5 matches. The crowd left early leaving the Hall just like ”Apollo 13” - no atmosphere.

Make no mistake this was a “Big” ( one of my fave's of Tom ) win for the allstars and after this display Uncle Ray will be having nightmares and be “Sleepless in Southport “ - that is until he goes on his latest trip courtesy of his free train travel.

Written by:Alan Nolan
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