Match Report

An in-house derby between Magic who are putting together some good results and a Tornadoes team who are playing competitive games but not managing to put the points on the board. The match went to form , but there were some really outstanding rallies in all the games. Magic’s Peter Whitfield with his usual dour and boring style was playing Euan Copple and thought he had played him into a corner when Euan ran the full width of the court and lashed the ball right into the back corner leaving Peter calling for a taxi. In another game Guy Wong caused Ross Clennell some problems with his aggressive play but Ross wore him down in the end. The game between Kye Bradley and Luke Dumighan was fast and furious and was taken to 5 ends, and one shot from Luke nearly knocked his glasses off, but eventually Luke won 3-2.

The doubles game was extremely close, taken to 2 points in every game but again Magic won taking the match 10-0

Written by: Peter Whitfield
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