West Chiltington Village Hall

Health and Safety

Dealing with Emergencies

(March 2020)

The Trustees of the Village Hall require that all groups using the Hall should have regard to the safety of their members in the event of fire. Each group is requested to prepare a safety plan which should take into account the numbers of people in the Hall, the type of activity, the layout of any tables and chairs, and the presence of any people with disabilities for which special provision needs to be made. Where there are larger numbers, groups should consider appointing stewards to ensure that the evacuation is quickly completed.

  1. In the event of fire, users should not place themselves at risk by trying to fight the fire, but should immediately vacate the Hall.

  2. Raise the alarm as soon as you become aware of the fire.

  3. If the fire alarm is not sounding the alarm should be activated by pressing one of the call points located by each exit from the Hall, including the emergency exits.

  4. Ensure the Emergency Services are contacted. Dial 999.

  5. Users should leave calmly and should not push through doors. They should not take personal belongings with them.

  6. The assembly point should be by the flag pole on the grass adjacent to Mill Road.

  7. Do not congregate at the front of the building which should be kept clear for emergency vehicles.

  8. All keyholders (or acting keyholders) present are responsible for ensuring all evacuation procedures are carried out.

  9. Checks should be made to ensure that all parts of the building have been evacuated, including the toilets and store rooms.

  10. Do not re-enter the Hall until it is deemed safe to do so by the Fire Brigade or other member of the emergency services.

In the event of an accident :-

If the accident is of a minor nature and the injured party receives first aid but does not require hospital or medical treatment the matter should be recorded in the accident book located in the kitchen.

If the accident is of a more serious nature and the injured party requires hospital or other medical treatment a Committee Member of the Group should notify the Secretary of the Village Hall (Paul Copeland 01798 813039) as soon as possible after the incident, or if he is not available one of the other Trustees listed on the notice board.



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