Division 4 League Report - 9th December 2018 by Ian Tomlin

Ashford D’s match with Challock E resulted in a 5-5 draw with PoM Chris Hazledine and Don Stedman taking the doubles in 3 sets to frustrate Ashford’s earlier lead. Table leader Ruckinge G were pushed by Sportsmen C but were able to extend their 5-4 lead to take the doubles after PoM Chris Penning and Ian Bewick beat the experienced Alan Brand and Colin Healey 3-1.  Ruckinge G were at home to (mainly) youngsters of Ashford E who were able to notch up their first game win with yours truly failing to overcome Ashford’s Andy Charley resulting in Ruckinge failing to get the clean sweep with only a 9-1 win. Youngsters Oscar Behrens and Harvey Horsley showing great promise and clearly benefitting from Jenny Swain’s coaching. Two names to watch!  Hamstreet B’s match against Challock E was something of a one-sided affair with PoM Tim Woodhouse and Stuart Whorlow winning all their matches, whilst forfeiting 3 due to player unavailability, giving them a healthy 7-3 win in their chase for the title. Ashford’s Andy Charley was again in good form taking 2 of his 3 games from Sportsmen C and with support only from Harvey Horsley and forfeiting the rest to lose 8-2. PoM Colin Healey clearly showing good signs of recovery this season notching up no fewer than 3 PoM awards and a healthy 65% record to date.  Ruckinge F PoM Chris Penning led the onslaught against Ashford D with Ben Moyle besting Ian Bewick to reduce the loss to 9-1. The next evening, Clubmates Ruckinge G were at home to Challock E with PoM Joe Latty managing to beat new signing Richard Partridge and team mates Nigel Woodward and Ian Tomlin taking the score to 8-2 and putting them hard on the heels of the ‘F Team’ for the table title. With a quick turn round Ruckinge F travelled to Challock E and managed a 7-3 win but with PoM Chris Penning and Stuart Turley failing to overcome Chris Hazledine and Brian Elliott in the doubles. Ashford D led by PoM Ben Moyle took no hostages when they took all 10 points from Clubmates Ashford E – just too strong for the youngsters. Title chasers Hamstreet B and Ruckinge G came together in a match which could have changed fortunes, however PoM Trevor Hammond (3), supported by Joe Latty and Nigel Woodward notched up an 8-2 win, extending the gap between the two teams. Ashford E’s visit to Challock E resulted in yet another win for Andy Charley but only to reduce the scoreline to a 9-1 defeat. Ruckinge F then took their turn against Hamstreet B taking the singles 5-4 and with PoM Chris Penning (yet again) and Clive Wilkinson taking the doubles also.  The next evening, Clubmates Ruckinge G took on Sportsmen C with PoM Helen Mattock taking all three games and the doubles with out-of-form Ian Tomlin managing only one success as well has being carried by his wife in the doubles !! Ashford D’s match against Ruckinge G resulted in a 7-3 loss with, once again PoM Helen Mattock winning all 3 again and carrying husband Ian to win the doubles !

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