(Craddock Road,  Enfield, Middlesex


The Reach Academy A made superb gains towards a shared first place in Division 1 with Ellenborough A – enough it seems to steam ahead of BATTS that is currently holding third place.


Spins TT Academy in Division 2 are still striving to overcome the strength of Brentwood and (after both teams pursue an expected further fight-off against the teams of Mossford B and The Reach Academy B) they will have a match against each other in the last round of the final day.


With an encouraging sign that we shall have the new table tennis cushioned flooring completed for the next, final NCL event on 25th. March, the Division 3 players should find an extra spring in their step to enhance their formidable high-ratio scores which have drawn spectators and coaches to appreciate the art of progress in skills training followed by ecstasy in the “short and sweet” match results.


The award ceremony will be an exciting one, particularly for both the Ellenborough teams which may see themselves in first positions in both Divisions 1 and 3.


The usual report of results are attached, a version of which will also be published on our Ellenborough TTC website. My reminder and schedules will follow in a week’s time concerning the final NCL event.




Richard Graneau

Ellenborough TTC NJL/NCL venue


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Well done to all the junior players who represented the Brentwood League recently at this event.


(Craddock Road,  Enfield, Middlesex)

This Day 3 event was slightly plagued by a shortage of players owing to either illness, injury or school exams. Satisfactorily, in Division 1, Brentwood nevertheless put up a good fight with their two players and Ellenborough A’s Daniel Thomas and Joshua Stolz-Hunter put through some heavy wins which propped up the player-short scenario where a couple of additional players later arriving in half-way through the rounds stepped in but not winning. 
Then, in Division 2 Mossford made an excellent choice of rotating three players to “play up” when faced with the same situation and performed fairly well except for their Mossford C team which suffered a defeat of 2-7 against Ellenborough B. 
The Ellenborough B’s players Richard Huang, Victor Ostapenko, Kamari Jagdeo-Bailey, and Cam’ron Malcolm all helped to boost their team into top position of Division 2 at the end of the day despite some strong opposition by Adam Sharoui of The Reach Academy A team.
As you will see from the tables, Division 1 is still led boldly by two teams – Mossford A and B even though Woodford Wells, which, presently holding the bottom position, made a quick come-back in beating Mossford B  5-4.
Coming into view at the next event we shall see that 6 players have “played up” and 2 players have moved up to higher teams as they have played up more than once. Therefore, to make the event a spectacular last one of the season accompanied by the medals’ award ceremony, it is recommended that team managers and players make good, advance preparation to put in full teams. Naturally a preview/reminder of the situation will follow on the next R&R list of names about a fortnight before this last event due to be held at Ellenborough TTC on Saturday 24th. February 2018.
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TeamPositionsReport to TTCs NJL Day 3.pdfTeamScoresReport to TTCs NJL Day 3.pdf

PlayerAverages to TTCs NJL Day 3.pdf





The Final Table for Division 1 is:

Mossford A                        15           14         1           105

Mossford B                        15           12         3         91

Ellenborough A                 15         7         8         66

Brentwood                         15         7         8          66

BATTS                                  15         4           11         54

Woodford Wells               15         1           14         23         

Ellenborough are third on Countback.



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