Semi finals – week commencing 12 February 2018:

Tuesday  Billericay Sports A v Basildon  Rearranged to be played Tue 3rd April (unless earlier date found)

Monday   Billericay A v Buttsbury B  Result: 4-5


Quarter finals – week commencing 11 December 2017:

Tuesday Billericay Sports B v Basildon Result 0-6

Tuesday Brentwood TTC A v Billericay Sports A Result 1-8

Tuesday Buttsbury YTTC A v Buttsbury YTTC B Result 2-5

Tuesday Writtle TTC A v Billericay TTC A  Result 1-5


First round – week commencing 23 October 2017:

Thursday Basildon TTC v Billericay TTC B Result: 5-4


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