Important Update for players and officials

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Important Update for players and officials 16th July 2019


Most of you will be aware that Table Tennis England (TTE) have terminated their contract with TT365 who have provided software which the league has used to cover all aspects of league administration and to present this on ‘our’ website. TT365 also designed the system used by TTE to run their membership system.

This will have a quite significant impact on all of us in two specific areas.


I,  TTE have today (16th July 2019) gone live with their new membership system, which all of us will have to use to renew our membership.

Diane Webb (as a club administrator) and I have both been given pre-release access to this system and a number of our queries are still awaiting answers.

The system has significant changes in appearance and the data retained. Most significantly, instead of your TTE number being the key for access, the system will use your eMail address. This means that when you use the new system, the first thing it will ask of you is to log in with your TTE number and migrate your details to your eMail address and ask you to set up a new password.

On subsequent log-in you will use your eMail address and new password. It is unclear whether your TTE number will have any future relevance.

It is also unclear how people without an eMail address will be handled but I will be following up on this.

Family groups can all use the same eMail address (i.e. father/son).


To do this on-line, go the TTE website and follow the options for membership/register or renew/player membership (associate if you are not a player).

Click on register/renew or click on the option immediately below to use an alternative method of renewal.  By phone is probably recommended if you have no eMail.


The first screen is an unexpected challenge as you have four options.

Remember this is a new system so you should use option 3 (I have had a membership but I haven’t accessed my account). This should take you to set up your eMail/password and you should in future be able to use Option 1 (I know my TTE login details).

Eventually you will get through to your details which have migrated from the old screen, with 9 categories down the left of the screen.

Most of this is self-explanatory (and/or not relevant) with a few comments:

a. only one phone number is now stored on Profile

b. please check out the Memberships section and ensure that the league and your club appear. These can be updated by clicking the green ‘renew’ button – don’t worry it won’t initiate a payment!

c.  Communication Preferences appears to be a very cut down GDPR where you can say if and how you want TTE to contact you.

TTE fees are the same as last year £16 seniors £8 juniors (see below),


II.  Up to last season, TTE had paid TT365 to provide services and website for member leagues (using our TTE fees in the process).

The loss of the TTE contract meant that TT365 have had to redraft their business plan and they are providing most of these services by contracting with various leagues at a cost of £7 p.a. per player (£4 p.a. for juniors). (Players pay the fee only once if they play in more than one league using TT365).

A significant number of leagues are staying with TT365 and a group of these raised a proposal for the TTE AGM to reduce TTE fees by £7 seniors/£4 juniors to cover the cost of paying TT365 directly. Sadly this motion was voted out.

TTE are in the process of providing an alternative system called TT Leagues through

Sport 80.

The H&DTTA Executive Committee met and reviewed our options some time ago

and made the decision to commit to TT365 for at least one more season. This took into account what was generally considered an ambitious timetable to have the new system up and running in time for the new season.

(It has taken TTE several days to even provide me with a working link to the test system).

The Committee also agreed that, for one season at least, the Association would fund costs of TT365.

This means that, again, for one season at least, our players and administrators will become members of TT365, who will basically retain the same data that they did when the membership module was run on behalf of TTE.

Very shortly TT365 will release this membership module for general access so you will be able to maintain your own data, and pay TT365 if and when it comes to that.

TT365 will continue to maintain your GDPR data in terms of access and visibility.



Brian Busbridge

16th July 2019

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