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Data Privacy Policy



To provide clarity, for our members, as to information required from them, how this will be collected and securely stored, and who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Collection of personal data

1.1      Hastings & District Table Tennis Association, hereafter referred to as HDTTA or “the Association”, will require playing members to provide their Table Tennis England, hereafter referred to as TTE, membership number and preferred contact details.

1.2      The information may be provided directly to the League Secretary or via the member’s Club Secretary and will be held until the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

1.3      Information provided will be used to cross-reference that held by TTE to determine the validity of playing membership of HDTTA and maintain playing records on the Hastings Table Tennis League website provided by TT365.

1.4      TTE will be Data Controller for all player membership in England. HDTTA will be Data Controller for all members involved with table tennis under it’s jurisdiction. TT365 will be Data Processor for both TTE and HDTTA.

1.5      Club Secretaries and Officers of the Association, by accepting such position, will be expected to provide the fullest possible contact details for publication in the HDTTA handbook and on the website.

Storage and use of personal information

2.1      To reduce risk, personal information held by HDTTA will be as per 1.1 and held by the League Secretary.

2.2      Any third-party requests for information about individual members will be refused. The exception to this being confirmation of membership to a county association or another table tennis league.

2.3      The Association will use the contact information to provide information to it’s members such as competition or tournament dates, notice of Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting or notification of such matters as may be pertinent to those members.

Management of data

3.1      The Executive Committee hold collective responsibility for the safe management of data within HDTTA.

3.2      The League Secretary will be the nominated Data Controller supported by a Data Processor appointed from the Executive Committee.

3.3      All personal information identified in 1.1 will be removed from the Association’s records within 14 days of conclusion of Annual General Meeting business.

3.4      Information identified in 1.5 will be amended within the same timeframe.

Junior and Vulnerable members

4.1      Junior members under the age of 13 years are not able to give consent for the storage of personal data. Therefore, such permission would need to be given by a parent or guardian.

4.2      Where vulnerable members have guardians or advocates representing their interests such permissions would be required from those representatives.

Lottery membership

5.1      Membership of the HDTTA Lottery is open to all members above the age of 18 years.

5.2      By entering the lottery and providing Bank Account details members agree to that information being held by the Lottery Organiser.

5.3      On resignation, under the HDTTA Lottery rules, such information will be removed.

Members’ rights

6.1      Each member has the right to access information held about them and have that information corrected.

6.2      Each member has the right to be provided with information about how their personal data is processed and may object to or restrict how that data is processed.

6.3      Each member has the right to have personal data erased, transferred to themselves or to another business in certain circumstances.

6.4      Members have the right to take any complaint about how their personal data is processed to the Information Commissioner:

0303 123 1113

Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane




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The Hastings & District Table Tennis Association has been in existence since 1928.

The League currently consists of three Divisions accommodating a wide range of playing abilities.

If you are interested in playing in the league, playing socially, joining a club or finding out about coaching opportunities, please contact the appropriate person shown on the Contacts/Organisation or Contacts/Clubs & Venues menus.

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