Every so often the League send out general emails to all Players (with email, and their "GDPR" not = 'Basic'), relating to important League information, e.g. The season is due to start, Draw for the Wren Cup/Plate, Closed Championship Entries, League suspended due to Covid-19 (hopefully no more of these), Updates to Club Secretaries/Team Captains, etc, etc.  Note: We don't send out advert type updates; only League information. In a season, there are maybe only around a dozen of these general e-mails, so it shouldn't break your Inbox!

Maybe you don't get any of these e-mails (there have been a couple during July / September), but you'd like to get them?  OR .. maybe you would prefer NOT to receive any emails from the League (and just rely on the website and/or your Team Captain and/or Club Secretary)?

The way this is enabled, or disabled, is via something in your TT365 record called "GDPR".  It was introduced a few years ago to try to limit the amount of 'spam' / unsolicited e-mail, mainly advertising material, however it also covers organisations such as the Table Tennis League!  The GDPR setting can have one of three values :-
  Basic - This means League Admin only can 'see' your name/Table Tennis England (TTE) Membership number.
  Contact Details - This means League Admin can 'see' (& use) your Basic details plus e-mail address(es) &
                                 telephone numbers as recorded in TT365.
  Full - This means the League Admin can see all of your information as recorded in TT365, including any
            postal address, DOB, and any other details recorded.

Essentially, if you set your GDPR to Full or Contact Details, then assuming you have an email recorded in
TT365, then you *will* received general emails from the League.  If your GDPR is set to Basic, you will *not*
receive any emails from TT365.

Club Secretaries and Team Captains have to have GDPR set to other than Basic, as other Teams or Clubs
need to be able to access their details (plus they're shown in the League Handbook), but this is optional for
all other players.  That said, it does help the League to get information out to as many people as possible, if
players set their GDPR to either Full or Contact Details.  To confirm, the League will only use this information
for League purposes and will not pass this information on to anyone else, and will delete it when no longer needed.

To change your GDPR, you either need to go into your own TT365 record and update it, OR, please let the
League Admin know (MartinJohnson604767@gmail.com), and they can change it on your behalf, having
been given your permission to do so.

Of course, in order to receive League emails, then as well as the correct GDPR setting, your email address
as listed in TT365 must be correct.  Also double check that expected League emails are not going to your
Spam or Junk folders, by mistake?  If you don't wish the League to contact you by e-mail, then you could
always remove your email address from your TT365 record!

Hope that helps, but any questions, let us know. :)

For information, general League emails were recently sent out (2022) : 27-July, 9-Sept, 19-Sept, 21-Sept,
22-Oct and 7-Nov.
(Club Secretaries & Team Captains may get an extra few updates regarding administrative matters.)

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