Updated for 2022-2023 Season.

The Hemel Hempstead League continues to use the Table Tennis 365 (TT365) system for the League website, to enter results, and display the League Tables, Player Averages, Results, Fixtures, etc, etc.

As a result, Hemel Hempstead League players will need to renew/obtain Memberships of BOTH of below.
[ For EACH : Only one Membership needed, so if already obtained for another League, you're sorted. ] 

  1.  Table Tennis England [TTE]  -  Cost £18 for the year  {£9 for Juniors [U19] } for 'COMPETE' Membership.
        The vast majority of League Players will require the "Compete" Membership. [ Those who take part in
        higher level events may need 'Complete PLUS' at £40 (£20 for Juniours [U19]. )

  2.  Table Tennis 365 [TT365]  -   *** No longer any Fee (from 2021 onwards) ***

For NEW players (who do not yet have any existing TTE Membership), it would be better if you sorted the TTE one first, and then use your TTE Membership Number as your TT365 ID, which will keep things consistent with existing TTE Members, whose TT365 account is set up from before.


Players can now renew (or obtain) their Table Tennis England (TTE) Memberships/Player Licences online at

It is also possible to renew / obtain your TTE Membership (£18 / £9 for Juniors [U19] - DOB >= 1/1/2004) by:

01908 208 860     <---  You can then obtain/renew your Membership by use of a Credit/Debit card.
                               Hours:  Mon-Fri  9am-5pm.

Print and fill out the TTE Membership Form 2021.pdf .  Payment can be taken by filling in your card details,
or sending a cheque made payable to Table Tennis England, then post the Form [and cheque] to:

Memberships Department,
Table Tennis England,
Bradwell Road,
Loughton Lodge,
Milton Keynes,
MK8 9LA. 


To renew or obtain your TT365 Membership, go to

To make things simpler, also use your existing TTE Membership ID as your TT365 Membership Number.

For those who cannot (or do not want to) go online to get their TT365 Membership, please advise me of the Player details and I will renew / obtain on your behalf.  For each Player, I will need their Table Tennis England Membership Number, and for new players, I will also need extra details to complete the Registration (as TT365 is now separate from TTE!), including Name, Date of Birth, Nationality and, if you are happy for the League to keep them, Contact Details (home and mobile telephone numbers, postal address, email address).

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