A Blast from the Past

Rooting through my old files, I came across this report from the Westminster and District Summer League for 1986.  

One has to be astonished by the scale of the league and also the number of players who are still active in the London Leagues in the 2020s. (Includes amongst others our current Chairman, Secretary and Division One Secretary).
Many, and probably most, are sadly now lost to the mists of time. 

Neil ands a few others reckon it was the strongest league, they have ever played in! 
In those days we (TT) were a major minority sport with a wide grassroots membership. 

I'm down in Division 6 and more than a little embarrassingly have no memory of at least one of my team mates!!! 

Enjoy the reminisces. 

Westminster & District Summer League May 1986.pdf  

If anyone has anything similar, let me know and I'll add them to the web site.

Stay well, hopefully we will be back playing later this year.



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