Match Report

Congratulations to HMT A who have almost certainly sealed the championship with an 8-2 win over Castaways. 

The match promised quite a lot but, in the event, it petered out a little with the first game setting the tone somewhat as Perry dispensed with Neil rather easily three straight, as he did in the reverse fixture earlier in the season. 

Pete then came to the table and whilst out of sorts with his bat and his fence post syndrome, he managed to beat Winston in four. 

That brought Terry and Laikram to the table and in the match that probably confirmed the tone with Terry losing in five having been well ahead in the fifth. 

Pete then stepped up to record his and the team’s second and only other win, again winning in four against Perry. 

Laikram then beat Neil in four to start the run of wins that followed. Winston managed to beat Terry, also in four, though it was deuce in the fourth; Pete succumbed t Laikram again in four; and the Neil managed to break the spell and lose in five to Winston though it was the classic DitF. 

That brought the doubles up and HMT completed the rout with a win in four for Perry and Winston over Pete and Terry. 

So, a maximum for Laikram, twos for Winston, Perry, and Pete; leaving Terry and Neil winless and the title now HMTs to lose.


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