Match Report

On paper, a routine 9-1 win for Castaways, matching the score in the 1st half fixture. No David Evans this time for Sparta, but Steve Hattrill more than made up for his absence by bringing his usual mix of defensive skills & entertaining asides. While Terry & Pete H managed to maintain their focus, Steve bamboozled Norman as much as the 3 straight scoreline suggests. It proved a tougher night for Peter T & Mandy, with neither perhaps playing their best ping, although Mandy did produce some of the best rallies (& backhands) in the match.

The doubles though was far from routine, with Sparta taking a deserved 7-2 lead in the 1st set. The turning point however proved to be Steve's (now ill-fated) muttering of "will Castaways get another point ?" to which the answer lies in the score sheet. 

All 6 players made the customary visit to the pub (accompanied by PRO) which completed a very enjoyable evening, with the match played in a good spirit and with both teams making the effort to enjoy the encounter, rather than focusing on the result. In many ways a match which highlights what the LBCSL is all about.



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