Match Report

Both teams battled it out last night until 10.15pm with PRO winning the match 6-4. Most of the games went to four or five ends.
Playing conditions were not ideal towards the end as the humidity level in the TT room seemed to affect the flight and bounce of the ball.
Both sides still had a good time though with John Crawford and Steve Hattrill providing plenty of “point by point” commentary during the games.


·         Dave Evans and John Crawford battled it out over five games with John winning 11-9 (was 9-9 then John took the next 2 points).
·         Dave Evans and Steve Hattrill played their defensive games well to beat Ronnie Turner.
·         John Crawford played well to win all three, and Jai Persaud put in a good effort to win two.
·         Mandy John and Steve Hattrill proved to be a good pairing for Sparta and won the doubles in five.

 Many thanks to you both for managing both the Division and League this season. Hope to see you at the AGM.

Regards Mandy

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