Match Report

Colin has got a copy of the score sheet anyway. This is to confirm that last nights match between DIT v Old Hoares was played as a “Double Header”.  

Score DIT 5 v 5 Old Hoares

What a ding dong of a match. I think this match had everything. Being a double header DIT needed a big win to put any sort of pressure on B&TB at the top. My reckoning on 16 points for us puts us on 201 points. B&TB are on 206 points and still have to play this week.

We started really well. We lead 3 v 0, with Simon Goodman grabbing a win v Colin in the opening game. Simon was very pleased as he had never beaten Colin before. We also lead 4 v 1, with Colin beating me in another cliff hanger. CW took the last set 15 v 13.

There were a lot of close games. The way the match was going I thought it would be 11pm before we finished.

Bob Inglis after losing to me, played some great stuff to beat both Simon and Florian.

I don’t know how you will work out player of the match, as 4 players ended up winning two games each – Graham, Simon, Colin and Bob. The Duckworth-Lewis-Martin system will sort that out.

The doubles was won by Colin/Bob v Graham/Simon to secure the draw in the overall match.

One thing is for certain. Colin wins umpire of the night. In the Florian v Bob match, they were so keen to keep the game going that they began the second set while Colin was still writing the score in. When CW had finished doing that he calmly looked up, said “the umpire wasn’t ready, that point didn’t count, it’s the second set, Bob to serve, love all, play” – there was smiles all round from everyone. So Gerry, should the league go down the VAR route, it looks like Colin is yer man for the Video Assistant Ref.

Well played everyone in what was an enjoyable evening, and in the end we finished about 9.15pm

Cheers Graham

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