Match Report

Possibly one of the hardest matches to predict with two evenly matched teams.  A night of comebacks and near misses began with my opening match against Chris.  Having lost the opening game 11-9, I led 2-1 and 9-5 in the fourth end. Inexplicably I lost the next 6 points which took us into a final game in which I came back from 10-5 down only to lose 12-10.  A precedent was set for the rest of a long long night.

The second and third matches were straight forward 3-0 wins leaving Employment ahead 2-1. The next match was myself against Paul brought forward because Chris was also playing in the Central League on another table. 2-0 and 8-5 up in the third I again managed to lose consecutive points and the game. Thought the writing was on the wall when Paul achieved his first game point at 11-10 with an edge and his second at 12-11 with a net. Phew, managed to avoid a final game.

The fifth match was another straight forward 3-0 win to Chris, Employment ahead 3-2. The remaining 4 matches all went the distance, and all to PRO.

My match v Anita was possibly the match of the night. 2-0 and 8-3 down in the third things were looking bleak. I somehow squeezed past 11-9. More drama was to follow in tense fourth and fifth ends.  Two match points saved in the fourth, I won 16-14 when Anita served off at 14-15.  In the final game I raced into a 9-5 lead, but again the curse of complacency struck and I lost 5 consecutive points to give Anita her third match point. I then won the next three points and the game 12-10.

With time running out the final two matches were played on two tables. Anita’s luck had again deserted her, leading Ian 2-1 and match point at 10-9, before losing in 5.

Ronnie was again our star man winning all 3, but it took him 3 very close games against Anita and 5 games against both Paul and Chris, and that after losing 11-1 to Chris in the fourth end.

Despite starting the match at 18:25, the final point was won at 21:40, and so being the home team we had little choice but to concede the doubles.

Incredibly, of the 38 games played 22 were won by the narrowest of margins.


Written by: John Crawford
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