Match Report

A very competitive match, with lots of interesting data for Richard! 

I think Employment were fearing a bit of a rout after seeing the report of Yiji's exploits in the Treasury v Natwest match, so perhaps seeing our line up gave them a bit of an early boost - they took a 3-0 lead and ultimately won out 6-4. 

But take a closer look and you see that Treasury won all its 4 three-straight, while Employment needed 4 or 5 ends to win all their 6 - in the final analysis Treasury won 22 ends to Employment's 18, and almost certainly a lot more total points (I'll leave to Richard if he wants to work it out). 

Two of the 5 setters racked up more than 100 points, including a 20-18 in Petko and Anita's second game (I think Anita may only have had one game point). 

Anita takes the honours with a well-deserved and hard fought maximum, declaring herself "Man of the match", a good 2 out of 3 for Lew (with two 5 setters, saving match points against Jeremy in the third game), and a strong finish (too little too late) for Treasury in the doubles, conceding only 12 points.


 From EMP

One thing to add, which is the most important stat Jeremy failed to mention in his report; “Treasury have only 4 losses to date, and two of those have been against Employment, who are the only team to do the double over them this season!”


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