Match Report

A possible banana skin was perhaps neither one nor the other for Castaways and PRO acquitted themselves well. 

The match opened with Pete versus John and instead of the anticipated three straight win for Pete he suddenly found himself 2-1 down. He took the fourth but the fifth went all the way and somehow Pete managed to win it to 9, phew! 

Two routine three straights followed with Phil and Neil beating Ronnie and George. Was perceived natural order restored? No was the emphatic answer as John proved the almost win over Pete was no fluke as he beat Phil three straight! 

Ever dependable Pete came back to the table to beat George but then Ronnie showed the coaching he’s received from Pete in another league was taken to heart beating Neil in four. Match score 4-2! 

Phil completed the unfortunate three straight wins over George who didn’t have much luck over the evening.

This brought up the crunch match between Neil and John which has gone either way the past and is always close and so it proved again going all the way to 8 itf, Neil somehow prevailing in a war of attrition.

Pete then completed his Mr Dependable maximum with a win over Ronnie in four.

The doubles brought the undefeated Ronnie and John up against the uncomfortable partnership of Neil and Pete. The first two legs went the way of Castaways but then the tide turned, and PRO came back with a vengeance taking the next two legs 4 and 8. The fifth leg was then the inevitable nip and tuck and PRO stared defeat in the face at 8-10 down! Six points later and the undefeated pair had survived their harshest test to win with the cruellest of dead nets.

So, was 10 points enough for Castaways? Would 6 points alter much for PRO?

All will be revealed in the final three weeks of the season, but three stern tests await Castaways whilst Morpeth have just two but almost inevitably it will probably go down to the last matches of the season when Morpeth face Treasury and Castaways face Employment – both coincidentally on the same Wednesday evening.

John had another fact to impart but for the life of me I can’t remember what, John?
John  - "Only that by picking up points against Castaways we avoided a double whitewash by any team this season."

Great post-match chat in the pub where virtually everything in world was put to rights!


Written by:Gerry Martin
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