Match Report

The Employment team had a clash with their Lambeth team’s match in the Central League where they are chasing runners-up position. They therefore had to call on their reserves to fulfil this fixture.

Castaways were grateful for them turning out, Kevin who hasn’t picked up a bat since December when he had a back twinge; and Richard who has had two hips replaced and a stent fitted this season so has been unavailable for most of it. Good to see them both back to join Frank on the night.

The match itself was always going to be an anti-climax as the League was already won before Castaways turned up but it was good to play a match to complete the season.

Castaways managed a 10-0 but as usual Neil struggled to beat Richard and went all the way to 8 in the fifth.

Of the other games Kevin managed a couple of deserved legs whilst Frank came so close; but inevitably with the gap in standards Castaways saw out the win.


Written by:Gerry Martin
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