Match Report

So, Morpeth fielded the other three players in their squad after last week’s match and despite Sampson telling us it would be “easy” it was anything but! 

The first three games all went to Castaways but by the narrowest margins with first Peter recovering from two or three match points down (three months without picking up a bat and no practice beforehand probably didn’t help); to Johnny coming from behind in the fifth; to Neil also recovering from match point down. Phew. 

From there on things went Castaways’ way save Neil going to five with Max (winning the battle of the left-handers) and then Johnny being totally befuddled by Matt – the shower intervention didn’t help, you had to be there! 

It really could have easily been 5-5 but Castaways came though to maintain their winning start with the new “Best Doubles Pair in the League” winning a second match together. Both Max and Mo would have at least one win on another night, but the luck just wasn’t with them. 

The Florist lived up to its usual great standard and Matt accompanied the three Castaways players to make it a round of four, excellent! 

Written by:Gerry Martin
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