Match Report

What an entertaining match in which 3 of the matches were won in the 5th by Comets 14, 12 &12.
The score 9-1 really didn't do much justice to Morpeth C and could easily have been 7-3.

Comets showed that they are ready willing to fight for every point and that was the difference.

Ronald Turner played a blinder, not seen him play this well taking all 3,
Fagan was firing some cannons throughout with his opponents,at times, bemused at the speed and angles he was generating close to the table, but he started running out of bullets against Matt in his second match losing in the 5th before reloading and firing at will against sitting target Rytis who could not get to grips with the speed. 

Sorry forgot Laikram playing his first match for Comets as steady as they come  he got off to a shaky start first game against Matt snatching victory after being 2 match points down in the 5th, after that it was pure sailing.

At 9.30pm the double was about to be conceded but the staff allowed it to be played whilst the hall was being cleared, it finished quickly with Comets winning 3 straight winning 9-1.

Glad I stayed to watch the most entertaining exciting match this season.  


Steve C
Written by: Steve Codrington
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