Match Report

Almost a disastrous night for Comets.

It started with Ron Turner unable to get to the match in time due to heavy traffic, he attended later and supported the team. 

Steve Codrington had turned up in a suit, no kit and a bat he never plays with and stepped in in place of Ronnie. He played in his suit  and managed to win 2 matches.

More drama was to follow 

In his first match of the evening, Steve Fagan narrowly beat Chris 12-10 in the 5th end after recovering from being two match points down.
By this time, the matches were being played out of order mainly due to Chris McKee doubling up playing for two teams. 

Steve Fagan was unable to continue and left the venue conceding his two remaining games. 

Luckily for Comets Ian (MOM) took his 3 ends comfortably and with Steve's support won the doubles.

So eventually the evening ended with Comets coming away with a 7-3 win.

Written by: Steve Codrington
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