Match Report

What a night, what a match! With two unbeaten team records and one individual on the line, the former possibly more important than the title itself, it was always going to be a interesting match but it was actually much more than that. 

Pete managed a great opener beating Ian three straight and then Laikram confused and befuddled Johnny with his twiddling and mix of defending and attacking. One all. 

Neil then took the table in what was expected to be a routine win for Yiji but the old head confused the young blood and only lost the first on deuce and then won the next two. Thankfully the natural order of things returned and Yiji won the next two 2-1. 

Johnny then inflicted another loss on Ian in four, 2-2 before Yiji proved to be back on form to beat Pete in four, 2-3. 

Laikram then dealt with Neil in what has become a bit of a foregone conclusion, three straight and two eggs! 2-4 and smart money now on Comets to complete the win. 

Cometh the hour cometh the man, Johnny was next up against Yiji and lost the first leg to 7. However, then the game took an unexpected turn, Johnny found a game to trouble Yiji and managed to win the second leg on deuce! Even more unexpected he then made it almost look easy winning 5 and 7, match back on 3-4! 

Neil then faced Ian and despite a very spirited game Neil managed to win in four, 4-4, all to play for. 

Pete and Laikram normally battle out a 5 legger but for once Pete managed to win in four though having been 9-4 up in the fourth, he only managed to win to 11, Castaways take the lead for the first time since the opening game! 

So to the doubles for either a draw or a win for Castaways and with Yiji and Laikram pairing up against Pete and Johnny the stage was set for a grandstand finish and they didn’t disappoint! 

First leg to Castaways; second leg easily to Comets; third leg goes with the pairing, just, 9 to Castaways; fourth leg back with the pairing, 2-2! So, on form Castaways would take the lead up to 5 then Comets would come back. Well not quite, yes Castaways turned around, just in front, but then with a combination of skill, luck, and bad luck, they held on to take the fifth to 7. A fitting end to a special match with a MotM definitely going to Johnny! 

So, Castaways unbeaten record goes on, but Comets title hopes are probably not damaged that much. On to next week when Castaways face PRO whilst Comets have that tricky Morpeth C team. This title race possibly has a few more twists and turns yet.

Written by: Neil Le Milliere
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