Match Report

When Sparta arrived at Treasury their hearts sunk on seeing the team of Tony Dight, Petko Guimichev

and Winston Wong.   Sparta just wanted a few points to stay safe but nothing was certain going in to this match.   

Once again Dave Evans played his 3 and left to meet his wife but Sparta were 2-1 ahead which meant things looked promising.   
Winston was on fine form winning his 'four' so the task was to target the other 2.   
At 2-2 Mike Loveder, with a new bat, faced Tony Dight which was a marathon and  things were looking good for Treasury when Tony led 10-8 in the 5th.   But perseverance saw Mike nick it!

Steve Hattrill had a long match with Petko as they both pushed and pushed.   It was the better hitting that

won the day - Petko triumphed.   

With Winston's games written off by Sparta the next significant meeting was between Steve and Tony.   
A useful win here for Sparta as Tony struggled against Steve's anti.   
And so to Petko and Mike.   Treasury started well with Petko pinning Mike down for the first end.   However more confident attacking saw Mike through the next three ends fairly comfortably.   

Amazingly Sparta led 5-4 going into the doubles.   Winston and Tony v Mike and Steve.   Treasury started well as Winston dominated proceedings.   But for one end Sparta looked good taking it 11-1 but they still didn't feel likely to win it.   

Both sides were fairly content with the resulting draw although doubtless Treasury had hoped for better.

Written by:Gerry Martin
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