League Update 28th May
Seaburn Dene had Chris Dixon in fine form when they visited Riding Mill in  the First Division of the Northumbria Summer League winning all three of his  sets. With Rod Roberts getting two and the pairing of Dixon and Ken Bowman  taking the doubles match the Dene came away with a 6 – 4 victory. Maurice Cheek  did best for the home team with victories over Roberts and Bowman. Dave Pringle  and Alex Smith both won two sets for Springwqell  at  Cramlington  Casuals but with Keith Patterson unbeaten the home side edged the match 6 – 4.  Another player to win all of his sets in the top division was Dale  Aitkenhead, his hat-trick helping the Stingers to beat Tyne Dock 6 – 4.
Second Division Sacriston Aces have found a top player in Waldemar  Dzwonkowski who easily won all of his  against North Fire and Old England,  both matches ending in draws. It will be surprising if the Polish player loses  any sets in this division. Old England visited Mortimer when hat-tricks from  Alan Atkinson and Lynne Herrington took them to an 8 – 2 victory. With Chris  Walton and Dan Dodds both winning all of their singles and also combining to  take the doubles Ouston A came away from Springwell B with a 9 – 1 success under  their belts, Neil Rodgers getting the other two.
The clash between the two Matfen teams in division three saw the stronger B  team come out on top to the tune of 7 – 3 with Alex Holiday and Dave Swan both  achieving maximums Three sets each for Alan Hedley and Paul Jamieson gave  Corinthians a 7 – 3 over Sacriston Comets while Sacriston Bombers beat the  Knights by the same score with Ian McPherson unbeaten
Brandon and Byshottles defeated NECA B team 8 – 2 in division four, Simon  Knopf and John Spencer getting hat-tricks and the two Sacriston sides Chargers  and Desperadoes both had victories over the Cramlington Magpies and Jaguars  respectively. Anna Kiwitt and Terry Charlton won all of their matches for the  Chargers and Max Duffin did likewise for the Desperadoes. NESLC gained a 7 – victory at Ouston with Russell Roper unbeaten.
Most results are being sent to Dale Aitkenhead promptly but the standard of  completion of the cards is leaving a lot to be desired. In many cases no  division, no team numbers, incorrect scores, illegible  writing, even  incorrect names have appeared so far. Please remember that Dale does a great job  but as with all of us it is on a voluntary basis and he should not be having to  chase up clubs in order to ensure that correct data goes on the 365 system. He  has to enter every game result, i.e. 11 – 9 5 –11 etc. If these are not correct  the system will either produce a different match result to the scorecard or will  not accept it and Dale then has to contact the home club concerned. A copy of a  correct scorecard is again attached. One result from week 2 has not yet been received  : Whitley Chapel v Lanchester in div 3
Postponed matches
Please remember that there are no byes in any division so try not to  postpone if possible. Also remember that you cannot postpone or accept a  postponement if you already have two matches postponed.
Coverage continues in the Evening Chronicle on Wednesdays. I supply copy on  a Sunday and then forward the same copy for the league and county websites on  the Wednesday. All teams were asked to copy me in
when sending their results to Dale (see handbook) but very few are which  means that he has then to copy them to me. Please copy me in as requested, but  note that I shall be on holiday from Friday for two weeks.
Alan Hedley will be supplying copy whilst I am away.
Aubrey Drapkin

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