The Health & Safety of all members is paramount within the playing of Table Tennis within our Club. Our equipment is just as important too. No equipment no Table Tennis. So using the equipment in the right way can prevent members hurting themselves but also prevent damaging the tables, To this end a demonstration of how to open and close the tables we use was carried out on Friday  3rd November. Here are some important reminders that can prevent people getting injured and tables damaged;

1. Never try and open or close down a table single handed always done by two members of the club.

2. Never try and release and open a table without using the RED HANDLES as per the instructions on the actual tables but also shown in the photo's below.

3. When putting tables away please ensure all nets have been removed and two people, one at each end and lifting on the count of 3 each end of the table.

Pictures of Red handle and Instructions on underneath of a Table



The result of not following instructions correctly can be seen in these pictures in addition to personal injury,


20171023_101927_resized (1)20171023_101938_resized

Please look after yourselves and our equipment.

Thanks Barrie Russ, General Manager.

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