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Team Checker

Just a reminder the onus is on team captains to ensure that your team contains the correct players, this can be done by use of:- Team Checker which can be found under FIXTURES & RESULTS...MORE
It can be used to check if your players are eligible to play for your team by
1. Selecting your team
2. Selecting the player(s) name


Steve Leven :

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Players added to teams after 3rd October 2022

As well as notifying the Record Secretary the players Name, TTE number, and Date of Birth, clubs will require to pay the £4 registration fee to Sort code 30-99-32 account 00236551 before playing.

Ron Bryant :

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Why you should Log into 365

In order to submit or verify match results you need to LOG INTO 365 with your TTE number and password, this will also ensure that you have access to Team Captains Contact details.

Ron Bryant :

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Time Outs

Time outs have been withdrawn from W&H regulations and will not be allowed from the start of the 2019-2020 winter season, this continues to apply in season 2021-2022 and indeed 2022-23.

It is down to the umpire to ensure that a Time Out is not taken during a match, and each captain is requested to ensure that their players are aware of this regulation.

Ron Bryant :

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