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Arrival Instructions
Premises must be vacated by 10.00pm on some match nights. Please ensure that at least one player is at Lowlands ready to start the match promptly at 7.30pm.
Be prepared to move your match to two tables as directed by Lowlands Club team captains.
Team Name League Captain
Lowlands A Winter 2021-22
Joseph Mensah
Lowlands B Winter 2021-22
Yogesh Punekar
Lowlands C Winter 2021-22
Nigel Wong
Lowlands D Winter 2021-22
Steve Dunn
07855 552440
Lowlands E Winter 2021-22
Calvin Drummond
07931 348766
Lowlands F Winter 2021-22
Russell Maher
Lowlands G Winter 2021-22
Marilyn Sangster
07713 865505
Lowlands H Winter 2021-22
Geraint Hughes
Lowlands J Winter 2021-22
Leslie Potter
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