New Season

The fixtures are now online. Please have a look at them to ensure there are no problems as far as your team/club is concerned. I don't mean re. availability of players but rather, if you have more than one team at your venue, that there are no obvious fixture clashes.

Please note that at the moment it just shows any Rainford team as playing at "Rainford TTC". There are two venues for Rainford so you will need to check which team plays at which venue. I can not add this to the fixtures but TT365 assure me they are working on how to show multiple venues. Until then, the handbook will show which team plays at each venue.

There is a brand new Handicap Knock Out competition. See the details in the League KO section of the website. It might seem a bit complicated at first sight ( and second and third!) but hopefully it will produce better games. If you have any questions about this, please ask when you pick up the handbooks, or phone or email a committee member.

As mentioned in previous years, the League Handbook is the "bible" as far as league matters are concerned. This website is only a backup and a means of showing results and tables etc., quickly.

The season starts on Monday 12 September 2016. Let's have a good one.

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