The competition continues as per last season’s format.


The Handicap Cup First Round (w/c 5 November) will involve all teams, seeded 1 to 30, based on league positions (from the top of division 1 to the bottom of division 3) at the time the draw is made. The matches will consist of 1 v 16 / 2 v 17 / 3 v 18 / 4 v 19 / 5 v 20 / 6 v 21 / 7 v 22 / 8 v 23 / 9 v 24 / 10 v 25 / 11 v 26 / 12 v 27 / 13 v 28 / 14 v 29

 / 15 v 30. A draw will be performed to determine the home and away teams for each fixture. The lesser ranked team will receive 161.25 points (15 league positions x 10.75) handicap in ALL matches – except see note below. The draw for this round will be based on the league tables after the w/c 22 October round of matches.


Next, the Handicap Cup Second Round (w/c 26 November) will involve 14 of the winning teams from above drawn at random, with a maximum handicap equivalent to a 26 league position differential. The handicap for the lower ranked team will be 10.75 points per league position. Similarly, the Handicap ‘Plate’ First Round will involve 14 of the losing teams from above drawn at random. The losing teams from this round are eliminated. The remaining two teams from the First Round – one winner and one loser – have byes. 


This leaves 8 winning teams and 8 losing teams who will progress to the Handicap Cup Quarter Finals and Handicap ‘Plate’ Quarter Finals (w/c 21 January), matches to be drawn at random, with a maximum handicap equivalent to a 26 league position differential. The handicap for the lower ranked team will be 10.75 points per league position.


The 4 winning teams from each competiton will then progress to the Semi Finals (w/c 25 February).


Note that matches will be re-drawn as necessary in the event of venue clashes, and that handicaps may be adjusted as considered appropriate by the competition organisers, whose decision is final.





1. Qualification to play is to be registered with a team in the league.

2. Reserve players are allowed as per league rule 26 – note that in division 3, players cannot play for another team in their own division.

3. Matches to be played over 9 sets of singles – there is NO DOUBLES – each set will be of 4 games, played to 11 up or a deuce finish.

4. Matches and team handicaps will be confirmed prior to each round of the competition.

5. The winner is the team which scores the highest total points from the sum of the points scored in all the games plus the team handicap. In the event of a tie – the away team is deemed the winner.

6. Matches are to be played during the weeks designated, on the home teams usual match night.

7. Within 3 days, the WINNING TEAM to e-mail the scorecard to the results secretary, David Mawdesley.

8. In the event of any issues, contact Steve Carnaby.

9. If the results do not arrive on time, or in the event of a dispute, the Executive Committee will determine the outcome.


Handicap Cup First Round

Warrington Jets   390       v     Cotton Kings  301

Heinz 57 Club    422    v  Standish A  386

Rainford Spin   395    v  LSG Slayers  377

Wigan Wanderers  377   v  Standish C  437

BYE  v  Wigan Chasers

BYE  v  Wigan Thunder

Rainford Smile  393   v  LSG Knights  371

Wigan Ralfs  347   v  LSG Saints  399

Hindley St Peter's  415  v  Poolstock Pirates  389

LSG Raiders  492  v  Wigan Wolves  367

Standish B  390   v  Rainford Surge  387

LSG Titans   398  v  Rainford Strike  386

Wigan Gordon 421  v  Rainford Smash  371

LSG Dragons   walk over   v  Wigan Phoenix

Scousers   388    v  LSG Crusaders  352


Handicap Cup  2nd. Round


Rainford Smile  363   v   Standish C   394

Hindley St Peter's  360    v  LSG Dragons  377

Wigan Gordon  362  v   Standish B  390

Wigan Chasers  377   v   Warrington Jets  393

LSG Saints  379   v   Scousers   358

Heinz 57 Club  380  v  LSG Raiders  407

Wigan Thunder   v   Bye

Rainford Spin conceded   v   LSG Titans 



Handicap Plate  1st. Round


Wigan Ralfs   342   v   Cotton Kings   381

Wigan Wanderers   v   Bye

LSG Crusaders   v   Bye

Standish A   396  v   Wigan Phoenix  399

LSG Slayers  375   v   Rainford Surge   361

Rainford Smash  376   v   Poolstock Pirates  355

LSG Knights   v   Bye

Wigan Wolves  390   v   Rainford Strike  375  


Handicap Cup Quarter Final

LSG Dragons   v   Warrington Jets

Standish B   v   LSG Raiders

LSG Titans   v   LSG Saints

Wigan Thunder   v   Standish C


Handicap Plate Quarter Final


LSG Knights   v   Cotton Kings

Rainford Smash   v   Wigan Wanderers

Wigan Phoenix   v   LSG Crusaders

Wigan Wolves   v   LSG Slayers







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