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Fantastic Progress from Daniel, Frankie and Kate


In June every year the top young players in the country are invited to play in the National Championships. These are the top 22 in U10/U11 and top 46 in U12/U13


This goes on their national ranking at the end of March.


The great news is that we have 3 players who have qualified :-


Kate Watkinson – No 6 in the U10 girls (No 2 in the NW)


Frankie McConville – No 42 in the U12 boys (No 4 in the NW)


Daniel Watkinson – No 42 in the U13 boys (No 4 in the NW)


There are not many clubs who have 3 players in the National Championships, so big congratulations to them all – a testament to their hard work and dedication.


Well done and good luck to you all.

Author: via Wigan Table Tennis League
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