Report on Heinz v Dragons in Cup semi
Dragons arrived at the Heinz Principality in good spirit, with the team news that Owdmon was unavailable on Beagle duty which left Galeforce, Pugwash and Railwaymon to take on a full strength Heinz trio of Brookes, Bennett and Mossy. Sir Allan (knighted for his service to the removal industry) left out to be the official scorer. Lee dished out the Welsh Cakes before we entered to give us a boost.
At this time of year this old Heinz team seems to hit form, look at the last result 25 – 9 v Chasers and don’t forget they are the cup holders, so this was always going to be a tight match.
7-30 bell rings, a change of shift, the smell of beans and away we go. Brookes v Galeforce…..the first two legs fast and furious, one all and one point gained to the Heinz master, then Brookes pulls away and takes the next two in a great game this setting the standard for the night. 14 points + the 10 start and Heinz have a 24 point lead.
Pugwash up next to take on Mossy, lots of oooharrs and shiver mi timbers and seven points back, Lee winning the first 11-4, but don’t get excited Sandra was on fire winning the next three legs to gain another 4 pts …lead now 28
Mr Rumbelow Bennett v Railwaymon this was a cracker, hard hitting, great defence and some long rallies in which Gary took it 3-1 and reduce the lead by 10 pts. Galeforce then beat Mossy in another smash and grab match 3-1 but only gained 7 pts…the lead down to 11 pts.The Thompson Twins Darren and Martin arrived during this game to swell the crowd. 
Beaver Brookes v Railwaymon and the goldsmith just edging it in the first but once again he went into overdrive and won all four with a 21 point advantage. Things got worse for the Dragons when Rumbelow hit top form and beat Pugwash by 22. The Taffy cakes taking the wrong effect. Garfin’s eye started to twitch, Lee’s leg started to tap and Gary was coming out with all sorts of gibberish, oh no he’s packed the wrong cakes….54 point lead with three to play.
Sandra (Little Monkey Moss) who was playing some of the best TT we’ve seen from her beat a tiring Gary 3-1 to virtually wrap it up. Garfin tried to take the game to Heinz with some counter hitting but still Dave prevailed and then Brookes finished the job off against Lee to seal a fine victory by 95 points. Time for the pub.
Allan was greeted by Tom Charlton (Bobby and Jackie’s brother) who at the age of 71 is making his debut for England at walking football. Tom thanked Allan for his help and left…Galeforce was curious so  asked Sir Allan what help? Allan very non committal at first, then after a couple of pints he spilled the beans…At this time of year I take our team and Tom down to the underground vault deep below the factory to the Bean Pool. This pool is like the one from the film Cocoon were giant Baked Beans lie under the water. We bathe in there for two hours a week and it re-energizes us, so we can skip and dance for months after. Bradley Wiggins and the Sky team used it at their pomp until they were told it was an unfair advantage……..and Lee brings Welsh Cakes   Say no more!!!
Great game and a fully deserved win….all the best for the final, hope the Thompson Twins spying mission gave food for thought.
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The Secret Bean Pool
The Secret Bean Pool
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