Match Report

Derby day at LSG, Dragons v Slayers.
Pugwash still unavailable, we all wish Ang. a speedy return. All at LSG thinking of you.
Teams - Owdmon, Dynamic Davies & the returning Railwaymon after finally getting to grips with the kids number twos, flushing the chain helps! with Slayers sending out Malkovic, Real Ale Morris and The Wizard Whitworth. 
First to go, Owdmon pulls through a tight match V Real Ale...3 zip.
Dynamic produced another excellent display in dispatching The Russian Rocket 3-1 whose game is improving all the time with his new Exocet forehand.
The Wizard waved his wand and beat a battling Railwaymon 3-1. Some fine hitting and returning in this.
Davies then kept up his early season form beating Morris in 3...Dragons comfortable 10-4
The Wizard then turned in a magical performance  beating Owdmon in a close five setter. This started a turn around. Was it the spell the Wizard had cast? report logged with the authorities.
With the doubles being played last due to Galeforce’s darts commitment, we cracked on with the singles which saw a massive swing like Tiger's loose drives in the Ryder Cup.
Slayers on the charge Malkovic beats Chadwick 3-1...Exocet in take off mode. Wizard beats Dynamic 3-1 in the best match of the night to give Jacob a fully deserved MoM but this game could easily have gone the other way. Future looks good......14 – 13 to Dragons. ....
Real Ale downed some busty blonde and won 3 zip against a tiring, running out of puff Railwaymon 3 nil......
Slayers in front. Hold on Owdmon to the rescue beats Malkovic 3-1 anti skud missiles worked, to tie the scores 17 all. ...bring on the doubles.
Galeforce back from darts to partner Owdmon v Real Ale and the Wizard. It couldn’t be closer after four tight sets it’s 2 all and at 8– 10 to Dragons with Morris serving, Garfin returns it only to see the ball battered past the still Owdmon 9-10....Morris serves again, the same return this time with a little topspin on it and the ball from a wild Wizard just goes long. Dragons celebrate 20 -19 - what a match! 
Cappo Crielly joined Steve Bruce in the talksport studio. Well that had everything, a bit like Villa form this season ups and downs. Bruce added - this is a great game I think I will take it up because some say I may need a new pastime and I've already got a nickname 'Cabbage'.
Crielly full of praise with his storm-troopers, had seen a great improvement this year and looked forward to a successful season. 
As for Dragons, they will keep putting a side together and hope for the best. It’s working so far. 
I’ll sithi get them in Dave.
Written by:David Mawdesley
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