Match Report

Dragons finally arrived at the tin can stadium only to be stopped by security…”Pass cards” (in an East German voice) luckily Sandra Tacky Knackers Moss was on call and she managed to get the puzzled Dragons through after they signed their lives away.
Heinz team - Bosman Bolton , King Midas Beaverbrooks and Tacky Knackers Moss made the line-up. Dragons Pugwash Smith, Galeforce Garfin and Nicholas Parsons Chadwick.
The crowd, like the last game full to capacity, with Pickford and Rumbelow supporting 57 and the injured Owdmon lipping on the Dragons.
First up Midas v the inform Pugwash but the King came sailing through in shiny gold colours 3 nil to 57. Galeforce took on Mossy and the game was evenly balanced at two all. Tacky took a 10-7 lead but Galeforce with a little luck took it 13-11 to get Dragons on the board.
Bosman then out spun a plucky Chadwick to give 57 an early advantage 8-3. Pugwash quickly restored the faith beating Sandra 3 nil. Chadwick took the first easily against Midas but that was all the sale allowed him Beaverbrooks blasting his way to a 3-1 win. 
Pugwash and Galeforce outdid Pickford and Brookes in a great game of doubles to leave the score 12-10 to Heinz and the clock said 8.50. It looked like an early dart to the Old Springs.
Then everything changed, tempos stepped up, backs bent and flash, bang wallop Bolton V Garfin 10-12, 13-11, 12-14, 11-9, and its 2 all. Can it get any closer? Bosman on the phone for a move but his agent says no so he shows his worth winning the fifth 11-7.
Not to be outdone, Tacky Knackers (no one knows why) v Mr C did the same until the fifth and Chadwick produced his new Nicholas Parson serve - the serve of the century. He went for the full Monty back spinner only to see the ball spin around his finger then drop over the other side. Tacky looked at it, moved, stopped, scratched her head then missed it all in one movement. This brought joy to the tin can and Parsons went on to take the fifth.
Pugwash played brilliantly against Bosman to take the first two comfortably only to see yet again Bosman play the get out of this transfer card, fighting back to take another five setter. The time had quickly got to 10.20 and drinking time running out. MoM Brookes beat a fighting Garfin 3-1 in the last to leave the 57 team jubilant winning 23 – 18. 
On the way out passing security, captain Galeforce stopped and asked why the interrogation on entering. The guard in his Eastern Block voice said “security was breached at the last match against Smash and the bean pool was contaminated with someone doing a number two in there. All the magic beans were put through decontamination and it's cost a fortune”. In the Old Springs the 57 Today paper was on the table and this was the front page.beans.jpg
Have you seen this man, wanted in the pool incident? Anyone with information call 01942 575757. There's a reward of 6 tins of baked beans and 6 tins of cream of tomato soup. Great match, loved the pint and chat after thanks
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