Match Report

Monday evening came around again and I was off to my weekly AA Meeting ... just for clarity that’s the Automobile Association not Alcoholics Anonymous.

On Tuesday evening I headed off to my other AA Meeting ... this time it was Alcoholics Anonymous.

Then on Wednesday night it was the the third AA Meeting of the week ... the meeting was with Alec Almond, the moustachioed curmudgeon of old Standish town ... Matty Kennedy and Gordon ‘chopping’ Wood completed their team.  The Smash trio was Foss, Hibbs and Machin (aka Nick the Knife, No Hearing Aid Hibbs and Smash Scamperer).

Matty kicked off proceedings beating Nick the Knife 3-1 ... some good stuff was played by both ... then Scamperer levelled the scoreline with a 3-1 win against Chopping Wood ... which included an 11-3 win for Chopping Wood followed by an 11-2 win for Scamperer ... funny old game.

AA took to the table and dispensed with No Hearing Aid Hibbs ...  but the Hibbster took a game in a very watchable match ... then Chopping Wood did what Chopping Wood does against his Southport stablemate Foss and won in three ... 10-5 to Standish ... this was table topping form by the Standish boys.

The Hibbster (No Nickname Hibbs and No Hearing Aid Hibbs is getting too long to type) had a great battle with Matty ... at 2-2 Standish royalty Paul Siney called a time-out so he could dispense advice to Matty ... here’s one we can all take some learning from “try not to miss the easy ones” ... it was good to see that the money spent on his coaching course wasn’t wasted.  But Matty had too much fire power coupled with some fabulously hard to read serves and won in the fifth.

Scamperer suffered a similar fate when he played AA ... at 2-1 up he just couldn’t convert it to a win ... AA has been around the block (a few times) and knew how to finish the job, which he duly did in the fifth.

Luckily for Smash the Hibbster had a trick up his sleeve ... he took out his hearing aids against Chopping Wood so that he couldn’t be barracked throughout the match by his opponent ... and won in three straights.  It was 19-13 to Standish and Smash we’re hanging in there.

Oops, spoke too soon.  The Standish boys finished the job when AA won 3-0 against Nick the Knife and Matty won the last match 3-1 against Scamperer ... it was 25-14 to Standish and Matty was unbeaten on the night.

But it was AA that took the man of the match award ... he was given his award by Gabby Logan at the end of the night ... instead of the traditional bottle of bubbly it was a free week at the Paul Siney Coaching School ... you could tell by the look on AA’s face that he was delighted, although it may just have been trapped wind.

It’s still early in the season but it looks like Standish are heading for a tussle with Wigan Wolves to see who will take the Division 2 title. 
Written by: Martin Machin
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