Match Report

Dragons back at home after their unsuccessful journey to the back of beyond, Rainford, take on Pirates who also had an unsuccessful start losing to The Mavs.
Team news Dragons Owdmon, Wizard Whitworth and Cappo Galeforce and Pirates unchanged The Cat Cantlie, Doing he Doo Dootson and Morph Murphy.
The Morph’s up first and Galeforce is still in feeding the kids mode, Morph makes the ball disappear past him just like that likeable TV character made Chaz disappear. 0-3
Owdmon takes on The Cat who is in fine form stretching, sliding, scratching and somehow just keeping the ball alive. Owdmon scratches his head in disbelief 0-3. 6 nil Pirates.
Merlin’s apprentice, Jacob, enters the arena to take on Keith Doing the Doo who is training for strictly, he put his front foot forward then moves to the side and back again twirls around and is ready for action. An entertaining game sees Wizard win 3-0 to get Dragons on the board. Closer than the score suggests both players involved in great shots and rallies.
Owdmon then rolled back the years with a great performance against Morph winning in four. I think Morph lost one of his eyes during the last leg, completely missing the ball in the same place five times on the trot.
Galeforce eased to take the first against Keith who then sprung into life dancing, moving shadow punching, hitting backhand or forehand just like legend boxer Freddie Mills taking on all comers and deserved the 3-1 to record his first of the new campaign. Score 10 – 7 Pirates.
With Galeforce on darts duty and Owdmon on score duty it left Wizard to partner Pugwash Smith who had turned up in full pirate gear to take on The Cat and Morph. Close contest sees the Pirates win 3-1, hello why is there three of them celebrating? it's Pugwash with his pirates  - you never can trust a shipmate.
The Cat beats the wizard in three and Owdmon out punches Freddie in four. Two cracking games leaves the score 17-11 Pirates.
The match of the night follows Wizard V Morph some superb TT wacks/topspin/smashes/loops/speed/movement my legs started to ache scoring it, Morph takes 11-9 in the fifth.
Galeforce finally finds form and out hits The Cat in the first but like Bonetti he saves everything that looks like passing him and gets to grip with the force and wins 3-1 final score 14 – 23 Pirates.
Guest on BT Sport, the sponsor at LSG this year, Sir Bill Beaumont and his wife Hillary (who taught Galeforce way back in the seventies). Sir Bill said “Dragons play like England RU they seem in total control but somehow give it away and Pirates are like NZ RU, let the opposition think they’ve a chance then blow them away”. Hillary commented “is that young Garfin? he was a cheeky little devil. I taught him” “Christopher must guard against a tendency to chatter unnecessarily, it often results in him missing instructions given to the class” ….Nothing changes then…that is the actual comment she wrote in 1P in 1977. Still got my old report books, they are a good laugh.
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