Match Report

Dragons entered the land of pie through passpork control onto Marsh Cream and then into the Bean Can Stadium with Galeforce, Andre Pugwash complete with bandana and now the lad with no name after receiving a letter from Adam’s mum Janet not to call him Rambo Davies. The 57 team removal man Pickford, beaver Brookes and Jayne Mansfield Moss. The qualification for Heinz is to be over 57 I’ve a couple of years to go yet.
Brookes V Galeforce and once again JB puts Garfin to bed in three. Dragons at this point not firing this season until Pugwash Smith with bandana swept to the table like Mike Bushell on strictly. Waltzing around the table he beat Mossy in three to level the scores.
Davies now studying in between games, cellular mechanisms or biology to us common folk sees off Pickford with some stunning enzymes. Galeforce beats Mansfield in four close contested games to give Dragons an unexpected 9-4 lead.
Davies back to the table, the young man produces some electrolyte winners in a cracking match against the hard diamond Beaver Brookes. 3 nil Dragons fans go crazy. It gets better Andre/Davies beat Jimmy/Allan 3 – 1 and the lead is 15 – 5.
At this point Allan went missing then reappeared looking like he’d been on a sunbed an orange tint to his skin. Andre takes the first then crash, bang, wallop NO it’s not Allan moving furniture in the back of his trunk its Pickford hitting winners. Game on one all and Pugwash is all over trying to stop the runaway van man. Puggy finally docks the ship and scrapes through 3-1.
MoM Davies beats Mossy 3 – 0 and Pickford continues to hit winners beating Galeforce in five. Brookes and Pugwash play mind games but the games keep flowing for the Dragons Andre winning 3-1 to make the final score 26 – 10 to Dragons in a very entertaining close contest.
Pack away and onto the pub to get the match review which all centred around the new star of this Dragons outfit Adam. Questions asked answers given what do you watch on TV Grey's anatomy, ER and anything with hospitals or sawing people’s legs off (no that’s Chris and another story). It was clear Biology, ER it’s all adding up then the phone goes its Marvel Comics asking Adam to be the new villain DR D. he conjures with molecules and acids to kill off his opponents just like tonight. Before we got kicked out Lee asked Allan where did you go, he replied in the new bean pool shower it refreshes parts other beans can’t. Don’t forget your towel next time when playing at Bean Can stadium.
Great game enjoyed it as always.  
Written by:David Mawdesley
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