Match Report

Dragons on Fire

A depleted Wigan Chasers arrived at LSG arena without Ljubov (working) & Dennis (injured) so they acquired the services of the Russian Rocket Malkovich along with Dave Iceman Newton and Captain John Sergeant Bilko Hughes. Dragons made one change Rambo Davies in for Pugwash with Too Hot Scott & Galeforce Garfin keeping their places.

Too Hot beat Bilko in three in a close contest this was followed by Rambo beating Iceman by the same score. Galeforce blew the rocket away, think he was having technical problems down below and then Rambo returned to the table to beat Biklo again in three. For the second week on the trot Dragons fast out the traps to take a 12 nil lead.

Fifth game was too hot for even Too Hot who got locked into a fine battle with now the fully functional Malkovich. First going to Scott then missiles fly, nets and edges and Malkovich is level. Too Hot lets fly himself and its 2-1 but hold on The Rocket launches his full Arsenal (or is that Hammers) to draw level and then edges out the fifth to win 3-2. After 3 laps of the room shirt above his head Malkovich calms down, Chasers on the board.

The two Pies Bilko & Iceman take on Rambo & Galeforce in the doubles. Dragons pair cut through the crust and slice open the filling to take a two nil lead. Hang on pies are now warm and take the next but go down in the fourth. Dragons lead 17 -4 after six.

The game and pies are fully warmed through now and this showed on the table. Iceman v Galeforce was a cracker shots, nets, edges, aces, missed chances you name it, it had it Galeforce just pipped it 3-2.

Rambo v Malkovich and another five setter. The rocket was firing shots all over the table to stun young Rambo to take a two one lead. Adam calmly went back to the table with his thinking head on and took the next two to win it 3-2 and take the MoM award.

Galeforce beat Bilko and Too Hot melted the Iceman both three nil victories. Final score Dragons 29 Chasers 8

Now TV CEO Marina Storti was checking out local league table tennis as a possible pay for view sport starting next month. She said “if every team had a Malkovich we could launch this next month, he’s full of fuel and produces lots of gas just what the viewers want these days”. Malkovich couldn’t comment as he was being signed up to free-lance in teams across the world and beyond.

Well played Rambo good luck for Uni hope to see you soon.

Written by: Christopher Garfin
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