Match Report

The rain outside didn’t dampen the spirits inside the LSG arena with Standish C the latest team to pit their wits against the Dragons.

Team news Dragons Galeforce, Pugwash & Too Hot, Standish the two Ronnies Foster and Siney and Louise

Pugwash sailed in front to take a great win against Ronnie Barker 3-1. Standish hit straight back in a very close match Ronnie Corbett beating Too Hot Scott 3-1 nets and edges pulled him through. Galeforce beat Louise in three to put Dragons 8-4 in front.

Again Standish hit back Barker having a ding dong battle with Scott puts in a late surge to take it 3-1. When leaving the table comes out with a classic 'The toilets at the local police station have been stolen. Police say they have nothing to go on.' Pugwash puts Dragons back on track with a 3 nil win over Louise.

Doubles Galeforce & Too Hot take on the two Ronnies and with Owdmon scoring it was always going to be a five setter. Big hits, fork handles, excellent rallies and much more Standish sneak it 3-2. Score Dragons 14 Standish 10.

Corbett then told his usual long winded story to everyone which was enough to slow Galeforce down, nullifying the big hits the crafty Foster takes it 3-1. Too Hot was hot enough to beat the improving Louise in three.

Galeforce & Barker had a cracker with the now giddy Siney moving like a 82 year old, sorry a 2 year old winning another close contest 3-1. The best was saved till last. A great game between Pugwash and Corbett, twist & turns, loops & blocks, hits & hopes, sheep and wellies all on show here Pugwash sees of Foster in five and with it seals the MoM award. Final score Dragons 22 Standish 18.

Afterwards Laura Kuenssberg asked Ronnie Barker about the match he said 'A strange thing happened during a performance of Elgar's Sea Pictures at a concert hall in Bermuda tonight.  The man playing the triangle disappeared.' And with that we disappeared to the bar.

Thanks everyone for another entertaining night.

Written by: Christopher Garfin
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