Worcestershire County Inter-League 2013 Competition

Sunday 1st Dec 2013 an Interleague Match was held at St Egwin's School Evesham comprising of leagues players from the local area.

Final Placings

1st Evesham

2nd Malvern

3rd Worcester

4th Bromsgrove A

5th Bromsgrove C

6th Bromsgrove B

Play-Off for 5th & 6th Place Bromsgrove C v Bromsgrove B 3-2

Play-Off for 3rd & 4th Place Bromsgrove A v Worcester 2-3

Play-Off for 1st & 2nd Place Malvern v Evesham 1-4

Group A Results Summary
Group A
Bromsgrove A               Malvern      1-4
MalvernBromsgrove C5-0
Bromsgrove CBromsgrove A2-3

Group B Results Summary
Group B
EveshamBromsgrove B4-1
Bromsgrove BWorcester0-5

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