Worcestershire County Inter-League 2015-16 Competition

Sunday 13th Dec 2015 an Interleague Match was held at St Egwin's School Evesham comprising of leagues players from the local area.

Final Placings

1st Evesham A

2nd Malvern B

3rd Kidderminster A

4th Evesham B

5th Malvern A

6th Dudley

7th Kidderminster B

8th Bromsgrove

Play-Off for 7th & 8th Place Bromsgrove v Kidderminister B

Play-Off for 5th & 6th Place Malvern A v Dudley

Play-Off for 3rd & 4th Place Kidderminister A v Evesham B

Play-Off for 1st & 2nd Place Evesham B v Malvern B

Group A Results Summary
Group A
Kidderminister AEvesham A     2-3
Malvern ABromsgrove 5-0
Evesham A   Malvern A3-2
Bromsgrove Kidderminister A2-3
Evesham ABromsgrove 4-1
Kidderminister AMalvern A3-2

Group B Results Summary
Group B
Kidderminster BEvesham B2-3
Malvern BDudley3-2
Evesham BMalvern B2-3
DudleyKidderminster B3-2
Evesham BDudley3-2
Kidderminster BMalvern B2-3

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