2016/17  Season  -  Weeks 1 - 18

Match Reports – Division One

Stanley Square A  4  v  6  Strines Crusaders   

Excellent win for Strines with Vaughan and Bradburn winning their three.  The home team of Hardwick, Chadwick and Royle all managed to beat Sheppard in what were all close games.  In the doubles Hardwick and Royle lost the first game to love but managed to win the next three.


Chapel-en-le-Frith  5 v 5  Hollingworth Studs 

Very enjoyable game!  All games played in good spirit.


Hyde YMCA Village People  2 v 8  Hollingworth Eagles B



Hollingworth Studs  5 v 5  Stanley Square A

Les and Naz 9 - 1 up in the third game of the doubles - and lost 9 - 11.  Awesome play by the Square.


Stanley Square A  6 - 4  Chapel-en-le-Frith

Cracking match between two well-matched teams.  Mike Bradbury was the star for the visitors, winning his 3. However it did not stop the home team from winning 6 - 4.  Hardwick and Hilton won 2 each; Royle came in with 1 - losing 9 - 11 to Boothman in the fifth.  Stanley Square got the win by getting the doubles in 3 straight.


Hollingworth Eagles A  8 v 2  Hyde YMCA Village People 

Very good game.  Ken is back - excellent top spin.  Jordan - a different level.  Di - as wonderful as ever.  Dave - full of one-liners.


Chapel-en-le-Frith  1 v 9  Hollingworth Eagles B  

Great game, great company!


Hollingworth Eagles A  8 v 2  Chapel-en-le-Frith 

Some excellent table tennis, played in the right spirit.


Hollingworth Eagles B  8 v 2  Stanley Square A

Cracking game.  Great company - had a good laugh!

Strines Crusaders  6  v  4  Glossop Bandits A    (week 7)  

Some tight games here, two of which went to 5 for Alan Sheppard.  Tim Vaughan was outstanding and won all three, plus him and Ron Bradburn won the doubles.


Stanley Square A  7 v 3  Hollingworth Eagles A   

An excellent match with some brilliant rallies.  Glen Chadwick played superbly but lost 8 - 11 in the fifth to all three Hollingworth players.  [must be some kind of record!  Ed.]


Hollingworth Eagles A  4 v 6  Hollingworth Eagles B    

We only played this match on a Sunday so Jordy could play.  However, he was so ill after a late night out in Manchester the he couldn’t even make the warm up!   [we all would have beat him anyway MMc]


Hollingworth C  1 v 9  Stanley Square A

Despite the floods the match went ahead.  It would appear that the home team were well beaten, but the score of 9 -1 for the away team did not give a true reflection of the match as five matches finished up going to five games, with the way team winning them all.


Stanley Square A  10 - 0  Glossop Bandits B  

Easy win for the home team with Steve Hilton in good form, winning all his matches in three straight.


Hollingworth Eagles B  9 v 1  Hollingworth C   

Hollingworth C were well beaten by Eagles B - Pete Morris was first up and won the first and only match for Hollingworth.


Hyde YMCA Village People  7 v 3  Hollingworth Studs 

Man of the match was Brother John whose dogged determination and calmness shone through to the end of the night.


Strines Crusaders  2 v 8  Stanley Square A   

Stanley Square came out comfortable winners with Hardwick and Hilton both winning three, and Royle winning two.


Glossop Bandits A  1 v 9  Hollingworth Eagles B  

Great game, great company.  Doolan going home for a pink fizz!!


Strines Crusaders  6 v 4  Glossop Bandits B    

An enjoyable night’s T.T. with some tight matches, notably Alan Darnell’s match with Matthew Durbridge, and Alan Sheppard’s with Graham James, both going to 5 as did the doubles.  Strines won 6 - 4.


Chapel-en-le-Frith  4 v 6  Stanley Square A   

Superb match between two good teams.  The star for the home team was Mike Bradbury who won his three despite Hardwick taking him to 5.  Stanley Square managed the win, with Hardwick and Hilton taking two each, and Royle battling past Tim Boothman.  Chris Guard beat Royle comprehensively in 3 but Stanley Square won the doubles to secure the win.


Hollingworth Eagles B  7 v 3  Chapel-en-le-Frith    

Always a pleasure playing these lads.  Mike Bradbury - a different class!

2016/17  Season  -  Weeks 17 – 19


Stanley Square A v Hollingworth C

Comfortable win for the home team, although Harry Lewis lost to Royle they were all deuces. The only win for the away team being in the doubles.


Strines Crusaders v Chapel en le Frith

A strong Chapel team were too strong for a weakened Strines Knights, although Allan Shepard nearly won one in his 2 5 set matches.


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