2016/17 Season  Weeks 1 - 7

Match Reports – Division Three

Glossop Bandits F  1  v 9  Chinley         

This was our first match of the season with our newly-formed team and we were expecting a very tough match from a very strong opposition.  Steve played the first match and scored our only point of the evening.  However, the whole team played really well and took two of the matches to 5.  The overall score doesn’t reflect the enthusiasm and passion shown by all the team’s players.  Although we are a full team of juniors, apart from myself, we all played with confidence and a very positive attitude.  We are looking forward to a return match from these opponents.  My team will only get stronger as we grow in confidence, and we hope we can get some good results from our debut season.  Just like to say a big thanks to Richard, Jane and James for a really enjoyable evening and the true sportsmanship that they all showed throughout the match - and also for their support with the umpiring as this was a new experience for our team.

Strines Dragons  3 v 7  Hollingworth Hares  

The Dragons always start the season with the ambition to chase promotion; here they received an early reality check from Hares side who had been relegated.  Eddie Seville won all three matches for the visitors - not an unusual occurence - but Ian Wilson, who was guesting for the Hares, proved that a hip replacement is no barrier to playing.  His awkward style gained 3 wins with varying degrees of ease, beating John and Adrian in 4 and Gordon in 5.  The Hares won the doubles, leaving Fishers without a win.  Early days!

Hollingworth Methodists  5 v 5  Hollingworth Veterans

Good games.

Hollingworth D   5 v 5  Hollingworth Hopefuls   

An enjoyable evening as always.  Colin Laxton won all his three for the Hopefuls, and also won the doubles with Alan Smith.  Alan won one.  For the D team, Ken and Tony won two each, and Carl won one.

Chinley  5 v 5  Strines Dragons 

A very enjoyable match with lots of close games.  A first win for little Joseph Cooper.

Strines Dragons   6 v 4  Hollingworth Hopefuls   

Always an enjoyable evening against the Hopefuls.  A first win of the season for the Dragons was brought about by a return to form for Gordon, who won three, and Adrian, who won two.  They combined to win the doubles.  The 6 - 4 scoreline doesn’t reflect the fact that only one match was decided in three games.

Hollingworth D  8 v 2  Hollingworth Veterans

A great night’s entertainment, with Ade - as usual - having a major input.  Despite his recent knee surgery and limited mobility he gave a really gutsy display of table tennis.  Norman’s defensive strength won him 3 out of 3, whilst young Rob Smith did his dad proud with some great attacking play, beating D’s No.1 in 5.  Well played.

Alistair and Tony’s game was a real battle, and the 20 - 18 fifth game could have gone either way.  Brilliant.  Carl was also on form, losing narrowly to Alastair before gaining revenge in the doubles as well as winning two of his singles in style.  Very enjoyable - we look forward to the return match.

Hollingworth Vets   10 v 0  Glossop Bandits F       

An excellent match between the Veterans and the youngsters.  The future looks bright based on the performances of Max, Archie and Luke.

Strines Dragons  3 v 7  Hollingworth Veterans  

A very enjoyable and very competitive evening of table tennis where the score does not fully reflect what went on.  Of the seven matches won by the Veterans, three were decided in 5 games, and the other four in 4.

Hollingworth D   8 v 2  Glossop Bandits E       

There were some close and hard-fought games in this match.  Tony Yorke-Robinson had a great match against John Jepson, with some great attacking play from both sides.  Also Carl Leonard ‘v’ Andy Robinson, with Carl winning in the fifth.  John and Andy won one each for the Bandits.  For Hollingworth, Tony and Carl won three each and Ken Handley won one.  The doubles went to five with Tony & Carl ‘v’ John and Andy.  Hollingworth won 11 - 9 in the last game.

Chinley   3 v 7  Hollingworth Hopefuls     

A very nice game as long as you were Hollingworth.

Glossop Bandits F   3 v 7  Hollingworth Methodists  

Match 3 for our new team.  Some great success tonight - our youngest team member, Connor, played for the first time and won two games, showing great enthusiasm and a very positive attitude.  Archie and Luke scored their first points of the season, Luke winning two and Archie one.  A great team achievement to see steady progress being made week by week.  Great sportsmanship from the Methodists.  Our thanks for their help and support during the evening.

Hollingworth Hares  4 v 6  Glossop Chinley     

As usual, Graham had too much class for the ‘ageing hares’ and coasted to three victories.  Jane shows great promise and I am sure she will win plenty of games in this division.  She played well in partnering Graham to a doubles win.  The real star as young Joe who won two of his singles, including a five game thriller against Mike.  The standard in the third division is definitely going up - good to see.

Glossop Bandits E  3 v 7  Glossop Bandits F  

Excellent evening - everyone enjoyed the matches.  Good to have younger players scoring matches - well done!

Strines Dragons  10 v 0  Glossop Bandits E    

A successful evening for the Dragons, with half the matches decided in straight games.  For the visitors, Andy Robinson provided most resistance, losing in five twice and in four once.  An enjoyable evening.




Weeks 7 - 14

Strines Dragons 7 v 3 Stanley Square D

The Dragons leapt into a 6 – 0 lead and seemed to be well-placed for a more substantial win, but Matt beat Adrian comfortably. Then, after a tight first game, John lost easily to Mark, and Adrian and Gordon lost the double in four games. As for the home side, Gordon won 3, Adrian and John won 2 each, and the result was probably right on the night. Stanley Square field three left-handers who each play with differing styles, which makes for an interesting contest. An enjoyable evening.


Glossop Bandits E 10 v 0 Romiley Cricket Club C

The new boys played extremely well, and given time they will go far. Some good rallies from everyone.


Hollingworth Hopefuls 4 v 6 Glossop Conservative Club D

A good night’s table tennis, with some close matches – four of which went to five. The Conservative Club always had the edge. Saddened by David having to go home not well.


Glossop Bandits E 5 v 5 Hollingworth Hopefuls

Fabulous games. Very enjoyable and sporting. Looking forward to the next match.


Strines Dragons 9 v 1 Glossop Bandits B

The future of table tennis in Glossop seems to be in safe hands as this team of Bandits comprised 3 youngsters whose ages didn’t total that of our youngest player. They need this exposure of playing competitive games but I suspect their coaching doesn’t help them against the diverse styles they encounter in the 3rd Division. They must continue to play their own styles, otherwise they get drawn into trying to combat like with like. This is not the way forward. That they lost 1 – 9 is academic in the overall scheme of their development. They showed good technique and skills when they were allowed to play, as evidenced

by Lauren’s victory over Adrian. Other matches were decided in more than three games but, in my view, there was little doubt about the eventual outcome of them. Keep persevering! We will not be playing against you in three years time.


Glossop Conservative Club C 7 v 3 Romiley Cricket Club A

Fishers stood in for Eddie at the last minute and, despite a big tea, beat David and Tom but lost to Paul in five. Norman won his first two but lost to David to give David his only win of the night. Dave won two, losing to Paul in four. Eddie and Dave won the doubles quite comfortably against Paul and David.


Glossop Bandits D 7 v 3 Glossop Conservative Club B

Bandits gave their best performance of the season, proving too strong on the night. Most games were over in three.


Glossop Bandits B 6 v 4 Romiley Cricket Club C

A good night for Bandits B who won their first match of the season. Stephen won all three of his matches, and Dylan played som great table tennis to win two of his. Cameron also played well, taking two of his matches to five. The junior Romiley team put up a good fight, especially Alex who played some lovely shots and won two of his matches.


Hollingworth Hopefuls 4 v 6 Hollingworth Veterans

Bob is an improving player for the Hopefuls, and he took Paul to five, and Adie to four. Colin won two of his matches but couldn’t manage to win against Graham. Colin and Jim took the doubles to make it 6 – 4.


Strines Dragons 6 v 4 Hyde YMCA 'C'

This was a closely fought match, with the score at 4 – 4 after eight matches. For the home team, John Ashworth gave stellar performances, winning all three matches. Gordon and Adrian only manage one each, and John and Gordon won the doubles. John Jepson, always a tough opponent, won two matches for YMCA, and young Joshua Finigan also managed two wins.


Hyde YMCA 'C' 5 v 5 Hollingworth Hopefuls

Great friendly match, and the return of Cliff Preston.


Glossop Conservative Club D 5 v 5 Glossop Conservative Club C

A close-fought match with some good games. Eddie Seville was on great form, winning all his three. John Poole ‘v’ Alan Fishwick went to five, with John the eventual winner. For the ‘D’ team, Tony Yorke-Robinson and John Poole each won two, and Ken Handley won one. For the ‘C’ team, Eddie won three, Dave Bridge won one, and Dave and Eddie won the doubles.


Glossop Bandits E 1 v 9 Glossop Conservative Club C

Thanks to the winners Conservative C for a good evening. Keep positive our newcomers, Val and Wesley!


Glossop Conservative Club D 8 v 2 Glossop Bandits B

This was a closer match than the score suggests. Lauren Thirlwell was the star player for Bandits B, taking both Tony Yorke-Robinson and Ken Handley to five, and partnering Sam Gregory in the doubles, again taking Tony and Ken to five. She had a great match with Tony, with some great attacking shots from both sides. Lauren and Sam won one each. Tony and Ken won three each, and John Poole won one.


Hollingworth Veterans 3 v 7 Stanley Square D

Match played in a great spirit. Who’s been coaching James, Mark and Tom? Hardly fair on the rest of us.


Strines Dragons 5 v 5 Glossop Conservative Club D

A very entertaining match, with two very closely fought matches both featuring Norman Clegg who won both of them in five. For the home side, Gordon won three, and John won two. In addition to Norman’s two matches, Tony and Ken won one each. Ken and Norman combined to win the doubles easily.


Glossop Bandits B 8 v 2 Glossop Bandits E

A great evening, with a lovely atmosphere and some very good table tennis. Jack was a gentleman, complimenting his opponent on a very good serve – unfortunately the rally was still being played so he lost the point! His response – ‘well, it was a very good serve!’. Congratulations to the junior Bandits for winning this derby match.


Glossop Conservative Club D 9 v 1 Romiley Cricket Club C

Another young team, and a nice set of lads. Harry Doyle was their player to watch – running round like a whippet, and attacking and returning so many shots. He and Ken Handley had a five-game match, with Harry the eventual winner. Tony Yorke-Robinson and John Poole each won three, plus the doubles against Harry and Bailey Bourke.


Glossop Bandits E 0 v 10 Strines Dragons

A friendly evening.  


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