a)      The League shall be named The Keighley & District Table Tennis League.

 b)      The League exists to  promote  and  run League table tennis in  Keighley and the surrounding area. Its aim is to enable players  of all  abilities,  age groups and gender to play in  a  competitive  friendly League,  run  for  the benefit and enjoyment of  its members.  The League  will be overseen and managed by an elected Executive Committee and its constitution  approved by teams at the A.G.M.

 c)        An  annual  general  meeting ( A.G.M. ) will be held  on or  before  the  1st  August  each year.  A minimum of  14  days notice will  be given to all existing team secretaries  notifying  them of  the  time and venue of the A.G.M.  A notice will also be posted on the 365 website.

 d)        It is a  requirement for existing  League teams wishing  to  play in the Keighley & District League  the following season  to be represented at the A.G.M.  Prior apologies from a team will  be noted but they will not have a proxy vote or qualify for the Fee rebate. All teams and players who are registered and play in the  Keighley League are invited  to attend  the A.G.M. and have one vote per Team on matters put to the membership at the A.G.M. Voting will be on a simple majority basis.

 e)        No changes in Rules or election of new Executives Officers  will be allowed if less than 50% of the Teams within the League are present at the A.G.M.  If this situation occurs all rules will remain as previously.  All Executive Committee members wishing  to continue will be allowed to do so.  However if less than 4 executives remain on the Committee, then the election of new Executives will be allowed at the A.G.M.

 f)          A team represented at the A.G.M. shall have their Registration Fee reduced by £10 for  the coming season. All other new teams or non  represented teams must pay the full Fee.

 g)        The Executive Committee will  be elected  at  the A.G.M. to  run and  manage  the  League on  behalf of all  its member Teams.  It will  have the authority to make any  decisions  it considers  necessary to enable the League to run smoothly during the current League year and function in a manner that allows all members to play  team table tennis in a well run League situation.  The  Executives  will  adhere to all  normal Fiscal Governance so as to sustain the long term survival and expansion of the League. 

 h)       The Executive Committee will consist of an Honorary President and 5 executives:- Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, and Cup Secretary.  Other Officers will be invited onto the Committee to run some functions of the league necessary for its efficient operation. Members attending the A.G.M. shall elect the President and the 5 Executives to organise and run the Committee for the new season. Nominations, plus current Executives willing to continue,  are invited from club Secretaries prior to the A.G.M.  Apart from the President and the 5 Executive Members of the Committee, other co-opted  members may not be required to attend all or any Committee meetings.  Any Officers asked to serve on the Committee will have specific tasks and duties.

 i)         The  Executive Committee  shall  have  the  responsibility  for  running  all  aspects  of  the  League  including  League Structure and Divisions, Discipline, Tournaments, Cup Events, Handbooks,  Sponsorship,  Playing  venues and conditions, Fixtures, Finance, Team  structures,   Promoting table tennis, Advertising,  additional events   that   augment   the   League,   appointing  members  for  specific   functions   deemed   necessary  by  the Executive Committee  and  any task  that will ensure smooth operation of the League throughout the season.

 j)        A  minimum  of  4  people must  be present at a  Executive  meeting to effect  any decisions.  Each  of the Executive Committee will  have one vote at  Committee meetings, ( except the President who does not have a vote ). The Secretary  will   arrange   meetings  and   set  the  Agenda,  with  input  from   Executive  members  as appropriate. He/She will give a minimum of 7 days notice of any meeting to the Executive members, and ensure that the minutes of the meeting are distributed within 14 days. 

 k)      The Treasurer will  produce  Accounts  for  the  A.G.M. and  these will  be  audited.  Our financial year will end   on   31st   of May.  Any  expenses  claimed by Executives, Officers or Organisers  that  are deemed reasonable by the Executives  must be  accompanied  by receipts and claim form for the records. 

l)        Any  3  of  the  5  Executives  may  act  in  the  case  of  any  emergency  situation  and  take  an  immediate   decision  that  must   be  ratified  later by the  full Executive Committee. 

m)      In  the event  of  Keighley & District Table Tennis League   being  disbanded,  the Treasurer  and  Secretary  shall be Joint Trustees for a  period of ten years. After this period, all money held in trust shall be donated  to a  local  coaching  group.  Should  the League  be reformed  during   the ten  year period all  monies and  assets held in trust shall  be returned to the new league without prejudice. 

n)     The League  will  be  affiliated  to  Table  Tennis  England  and  by TTE  rules  to  the  Yorkshire Table Tennis  Association.  The League will therefore pay all fees due to these two bodies.   




a)            Every team who wishes  to  enter  the  Keighley & District Table Tennis League  must  nominate  a Team Secretary. The Secretary must give contact details including  a telephone number and  e-mail.  The team  undertakes that they will complete all fixtures  and not  postpone matches if at all possible.

 b)            The Team Secretary should  fill in the application  form listing all players.  Each player must have their TTE registration number ( mandatory ), email and date of birth.  including TT England affiliation number  and  e-mail addresses plus date of birth. We also need need to know If any players play in other leagues. 

 c)            All  teams  applying to the league should  make every effort to  attend  the A.G.M. which will  be clearly announced on the 365 website and e-mailed to the known Secretaries.

 d)            All applications should  reach the fixtures secretary by 31st July or earlier to allow time to arrange the league structure and handbooks. Any entries after this time will be at the Fixtures Secretary’s discretion, however to help with this and to enable them to plan accordingly the Fixture Secretary will accept details by e-mail if any problems are encountered in returning forms by this date.

 e)            New  players can  be  registered  for  a  team up  to  31st  December of  the  playing  season,  however  in exceptional  circumstances  players  will  be  allowed  to  register after that  date at  the discretion  of  the Fixtures Secretary. The players must be deemed of a suitable standard for the division concerned.

 f)             Players may transfer from one team to a second team provided all parties are in agreement.

 g)            All players playing in the Keighley & District Table Tennis League must have Table Tennis England  affiliation  and  respect the rules of Table Tennis England  and  the rules of the Keighley & District Table Tennis League.



a)          The  League  Structure,  number of  Divisions  and  playing  timetable will  be decided  by  the  Executive Committee prior to the handbooks being  printed. All information will be sent to the Secretaries  and  members who have supplied their e-mail contacts. All Information about the League is posted on the 365 Site.

b)          Teams may enter as  individual  teams or as groups of  teams  e.g.  Haworth Hawks or Fastbats   etc.  Each Team  must  enter  a minimum of 3 players and  a  maximum of  6  unless  agreed with Fixtures Secretary. In teams that are part  of a group,  the playing strength of each  player must be  taken into account when  placing  players in a team.

c)          Players may  play up  from  lower  teams within  a  group, but after playing  up for 6 matches they will be tied to the higher team, however if a player plays up and does not win any games, including the doubles, then that match will not count towards his 6 games.  Any single team club or the lowest team in a multi team club may play a  reserve from a lower division to theirs provided that the ranking of that player does not exceed the average of the players in the higher team. The reserve may play up as many times as is required without being tied to the higher team.    

d)          Players who play in other Leagues must play at least 4 matches for their results to stand at the end of the  season. If they do not play 4 matches all their results will be deleted from the records including all points won in singles and doubles matches.

e)          All  matches will  be  played under the Rules of  Table Tennis  England,  see  their website for details .  All sets will  be  best of  5 games and  each game will  be up to 11 with games won  by  2 clear points.  The Home  team  has a  responsibility  to ensure  their Venue is open and  ready  to  commence  the match  by 7.30pm at the latest.

f)           Teams shall consist of 3 players per team with  9 singles matches  and  1 doubles match  being played as per the official scorecard.  If there is any change to the order of play then this must be agreed   by both teams. Players arriving after 7.30pm but before 8.30pm should be allowed to play providing the match is still in progress. Players arriving after 8.30pm should not be allowed to play unless this was prearranged and agreed by both captains. If a player is not allowed to play their games will be conceded and they will not be allowed to play in the doubles. 

g)          All  matches should start by 7.30 pm however  teams can  request  an earlier start if the opponents are in agreement. Teams may also request playing on two tables if  available provided the opposition agree.  All matches  SHOULD  be played  on  the scheduled  date or within the scheduled week with agreement between both teams and this would not incur the penalty detailed in section h.  Any postponements must  be notified  to  the  Fixture  Secretary and  the opposition  team  48  hours in advance,  ( clearly  really bad  weather might mean shorter notice ).  Please endeavour to play matches unless   absolutely impossible, ( strongest team not being  available is not an acceptable  excuse to postpone as all teams can select reserves from lower Division teams ). 

h)          If  a  team postpone a match, it is that  team's  responsibility to contact  the Secretary of  the opposing  team and offer alternative dates and, if  necessary, an alternative venue  to  play the match  as soon  as possible after the postponement. ( The TT Centre will almost certainly be available and  the team who has  postponed  must pay the  cost ).  If  the  match  is not  arranged within the same week the team cancelling will incur a 2 point deduction, any further requests for postponements whilst this match remains outstanding will incur a 5 point deduction and no further postponements will be permitted. If the match is not arranged within 6 weeks of  the postponement  the cancelling team shall receive no  points and  the opposition  team  an  average of  their results for a minimum of one third of a season.   Teams must take advantage of section 3c and 3f below  before requesting postponements. 

i)            A Match may be played ahead of schedule if both teams are in agreement. Again the home team must notify the Fixture Secretary.

j)            If,  for any reason,  a  player  can  not complete his games,  the   un-played  sets  shall  be  awarded  to the opposing team and recorded as wins to the opposing players. However, if a  player injures himself or is  ill and  does not complete his first full set, his averages will not  be affected, but the sets will be awarded  to  the opposing players and team.

k)          Each  team shall  supply, alternately,  an umpire for  each match  and the Umpire’s decision  will  be final.  Any disputes must be taken up with the fixture secretary within 48 hours of the match being played.

l)            Any  team fielding an  ineligible  player will  have  any wins  recorded  to  that  player removed  from the statistics and unless the player is simply there to ensure a  full team, then  the Fixture  Secretary should be  informed of the reason for playing the ineligible player.

m)        If  a team has a wheelchair  player and  the away venue does not  have a suitable table to allow the player to compete,  the team may request a  change of  venue giving  48 hours notice  prior to  the match The opposing team must accept the change of venue or agree with the Fixture Secretary some alternative  arrangement.  Any cost  incurred  will  be  reimbursed  by   the Keighley & District Table Tennis  League.   Other  hardships  incurred  by any   wheelchair users will be looked at sympathetically by the league.

n)          Visiting Captains  may measure net height  and adjust  if required.  If  the net  is unsuitable the match will be  played but the away captain can put in a complaint to the fixture secretary.



a)     All  matches, scores  and  ranking are carried  out  by  “tabletennis365”  which is  funded  by  Table Tennis England.   This site  produces  our League Tables,  Player Averages,  and League Ranking,  for all  players in Keighley.  If  a  player plays in more than one league then  all  his/her results  are entered  into the ranking Lists.  We can’t alter this system. This ranking is used for all of our handicaps and tournament seeding.

b)     Each  set  won during  a  game  earns  your  team  ‘1’  point and  at  the end of the  season  the team with the  highest  points total will  be declared  “Divisional Champions”, and  members will receive a trophy at the  A.G.M.  If  two teams Tie then the team with the most games won will be Champions. If  both teams  have the same number of wins then a play-off between the teams will decide the Champions.

c)     The Champions will  normally be  promoted  to the next  highest Division  but the Committee  always look  at the  standard  of  teams,  number  of  teams and  structure and  number of  divisions  to  give  the  best   competitive  situation  for all  teams.  The  bottom team  in  each  division will  normally be demoted  but  again the same criteria applies.

d)        A  player  must  have  played  at  least   66%   of  the  possible  team  matches  to  be  eligible  to  win  the  Divisional  Averages.   Playing up as reserve does not count in these  statistics.  The  averages  shall  be calculated  by  expressing the number of sets won as a percentage of the sets played.



a)      The League runs two Cup competitions, . the Jeff Naylor Handicap Trophy,  and  The Dave Boothman  Plate  which are run by the League Cup Secretary.  The format for both these competitions are decided by the League Executive Committee and the format is notified to all clubs prior to the commencement of each competition.

          The  Executive Committee may also introduce new competitions if it enhances theLeague and gives more players a chance to play in more competitive games.      

b)       The League also holds  an Annual Closed Tournament for all Keighley players.  This Tournament is usually run towards the end  of February and is organised  by the Tournament Secretary. There are many events usually  including  Group Singles,  Doubles, Veterans, Juniors, Ladies, Handicap and a Consolation Singles  event, however the Tournament Secretary will decide on  which events to run depending on the number of  entrants.  The event is held on a Sunday at the Table Tennis Centre.  Hot and cold food and drinks will  be  available during the  Tournament.  To  enter  the  Keighley  Closed  Tournament   a  player  must  have played  a  minimum of  4  games  in  the  Keighley  League  prior  to  the  start of the Tournament.

c)      Individual trophies will be presented to members who win the Following:-

i)       All Divisional Team Champions  ( 4 trophies only. Additional trophies will be purchased if required but must be paid for by the Team concerned)

ii)      Winners of all Cup competitions

iii)     Winners of events  at the Annual Closed Tournament 

iv)     The Most Improved Player for the Year if Selected    

v)      Winner of  the Divisional Averages

vi)      Any other events selected by the Executive Committee that are deemed appropriate.

d)       The League will  pay  the entry fee for one team to play each  of  the  four English   League  Cup categories namely  Mens,  Womens,  Boys  and  Girls cups.   If  more than one  team wishes to enter the cost of one team  entry will  be split to  subsidise these multiple teams  rather than the League bearing  the full entry  cost.  At  least  one  player from each  team should  play  in Division 2 or higher. If a team withdraws, the  entry fee must be reimbursed  to the League unless there are  extenuating circumstances that need to be considered  at  the  discretion of the Executive Committee.



a)          All  players  who participate within the  Keighley League are  required  to show  good  sportsmanship and conduct  themselves in  a  responsible way. All  adult  players are expected to show respect  and set good examples  to  the younger players and new  players.  We are  endeavouring  to  be a  friendly League  with  competitive games. Enjoy winning but be magnanimous in  defeat.  Please  note,   although we  encourage good  sportsmanship at all times,  it  is  not a  disciplinary matter within Table Tennis England’s rulebook.

b)          If a team feels that another team or player  has been aggressive,  threatening, sworn excessively or broken any table tennis rules then they should contact the League Chairman who will outline the options open to them  to complain  either officially  or just  have the situation noted.  Should  an  official complaint be necessary the complaint and a £5 fee must be sent to the League Secretary.  Only If  the  complaint is successful will the  £5  will be refunded.

c)           When an official complaint is received in writing with full details of the incident then the procedure that takes place will be as follows:- 3 senior Executive members will meet, discuss the Incident and write to the person or team involved and ask for their comments on the alleged incident. They will be sent a copy of the Complaint. The panel will then consider all the information and come to a decision. In a serious incident the parties concerned may be asked to talk to the disciplinary panel. Should the complaint be upheld the  Executive Committee will decide on what is the appropriate course of action.  This could range from a letter asking for improved behaviour,  a formal written warning, up to Suspension from the League. 




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