Cobb Cup Rules

1)  Each match to consist of nine singles (no doubles) three players per team each playing one another.

2)  These singles consist of four games only.

3)  Play commence at love all and ends when one player attains 11 points - no two clear points applying.

4)  Handicaps will be set at the commencement of the Cup.  To qualify for a handicap, and to play in the competition, a player must have played 5  times in the current league season, or 5 times in the previous season if the cup starts during the current league season.

5)  The team handicap points difference, adjusted as required, will be added to the final points total of the team with the higher team handicap.  The team with the highest number of points shall be deemed the winner.

5b) In the rare event of the handicap points difference being in excess of 200 then only 50% of the excess points above 200 shall be added. For example, handicap points difference actual 252, excess points over 200 (52) are reduced by 50% to 26. Total handicap to be added to the lower teams points tally would be 226.

6)  In the event of a draw, the result shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

7)  Reserves may be used provided they qualify for a handicap, are not cup-tied, and are of a similar playing standard.  The spread of handicaps of team members playing a game may not exceed the maximum possible range within one division.

8)  All results must be communicated to the Cup Secretary on the morning of the day after the match.



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