A note from the webmaster

The results from the Winter season ( 2011/12 ) have now been archived. 

This is NOT reversible.

There is one match missing, Shottery B versus Littleton , which took place , apparently , on February 20th. , which ended in a 6-4 victory for Shottery.

It is not possible for me to enter a 6-4 result ( as opposed to a walkover/conceded match ) without knowing who played in the match , therefore the match is missing from the website record. 

In the five months since the match was played , I've had no communication regarding this match from any of the players. 

I regret that the website records are incomplete, as luck would have it , the match has no bearing on final league positions. 

Have a good summer ! 

Author: via Stratford-upon-Avon Table Tennis League
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