Match Report

 If table tennis were to be staged as a medieval Morality play , then Spin , and not Everyman would be a central character. 

The player that can impart the most spin , with both the greatest accuracy and reliable consistency will invariably prove to be the successful competitor. 

This law , Tims Law , was in evidence yesterday evening at Alderminster Village Hall as Awais Muhammed earned his accolade as " Player Of The Match " , without dropping an end against Dean Hicks and Mike Evetts.

The Pasties squad , regrettably denuded by holidays , injuries and commitments elsewhere were reduced to a duo. 

Hicks , using his combination set up to great effect , won a brace , beating Gareth Hepworth in five ends and Tim Fell in four , and ensured The Pasties did not lay an egg , a dubious distinction laid at Evetts door.  

A good natured evening , and The Pasties diminished numbers left plenty of the evening remaining for a beer. 

Written by:Mike Evetts
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