Match Report

 Sport is ritualistic. 

Within the framework of a rule based sport , players express themselves in individual , and habitual , ways.

If you're the Australian cricket Captain you may be complicit in concealing a piece of grit sandpaper in your pocket to tamper with the ball (note for non cricket followers , this is against the rules.)

For Andy Rowland , table tennis player , before a match commences , a hand towel must be folded and hung so it is perpendicular to the tables surface , balanced on the tables leg strut. In proximity to the towel , you will find a carefully placed water bottle. For each end , of every match. 

Rowland was the most successful of Henley Bs players with two wins , and was involved in what was definitively the best match of the evening , a five set victory over Dean Hicks. For two combination bat players , both with defensive attributes , this was an entertaining and offensively committed encounter. Falling to a two set deficit , Hicks fought back to level , before just falling short in the fifth end. Yet to achieve full fitness after a series of debilitating injuries its heartening to see Hicks returning to something approaching good form. 

Mike Evetts added value with three wins and Jason Rainey added one , another five setter , against Rob McCluskey, who had a luckless evening.

Dave Milton completed the travelling teams line up and at the age of 72 shows no signs of the advancing years, playing with his customary gusto and flair. 


Written by:Mike Evetts
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