Match Report

 Jerome Charyn , in his excellent table tennis book " Sizzling Chops & Devilish Spins " describes being taught to play table tennis ( by a man who was a hustler , a hobo and an army deserter ) as a gift. 

Its difficult to think of another sport where participants whose ages range from early twenties to OAPs could provide a spectacle as compelling as this one , and where a players age is of no more significance than their shoe size. 

Flinty Cornishman Mike Credlands anti loaded picot ( read Charyns book - Editor ) was deployed without reward against the travelling JLM Falcons ; Luke Moffat , Jack Davis and Steve Cull , but that is no reflection of his performance , but rather an indication of the strength of JLM. This trio , although not guaranteed to win the title this year , certainly have the wherewithal to do so , in seasons yet to come. 

Player of the match Luke Moffat dropped sets to both Credland and Tom Shortley , but was not seriously troubled in his three singles matches , a controlled and assured display.

Jack Davis , playing Sam Henderson in the first match of the evening , was pushed to five sets , the crafting of a wide variety of serves proved sufficient to carry him to success, and a deserved treble. 

Pasty points came from Tom and Sams wins over Steve Cull , and a hugely entertaining four sets doubles win over Moffat and Davis.

Many thanks to Inky " Stephen " Moss for officiating the match in such an unobtrusive and good humoured manner , you barely knew he was there , the hallmark of a good umpire.  


Written by: Mike Evetts
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