Match Report

 Never a dull moment at Henley as a squadron of flies dropped in to join the party. Henley A entertained the Vets with a 10-0 victory over the visitors. However the scorecard belies some of the on-table tussles especially one between Geoff Shepherd and Neil Mudie which went to 5 games.

History was made when Dave Hatcher scored his first ever triple and Henley A scored their full house since 2016 ( additional research by Editor ) . The doubles match was particularly entertaining causing Umpire Rodwell to show his leadership skills to call errant players to order! Henley again broke with tradition with Geoff serving a late supper of tea, coffee and choccy biscuits enjoyed while play was still in progress. Unheard of! Man of the match must go to Geoff Shepherd who battled on to his victories despite feeling less than 100%.

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